Courtney Yasmineh

"Bearing all the desired sweetness and devilish, indomitable performing power a music fan could ask for, ultra alt-rocker Courtney Yasmineh provides a service that most humans, regardless of gender, can only vaguely dream of producing. Backed with a first-class rhythm section and a fairly-mythical upbringing, Courtney has made some serious headway in bringing the notoriously collective term “alternative rock” back into everyone’s face with a vengeance. Yasmineh’s sound combines aspects of Hole’s crunchy disparity, No Doubt’s tongue-in-cheekiness, the choppy punk of The Clash, and the sarcastic wit of Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette, amongst others. Although she may remind us of some of our throw-back righteous pleasures, her transitions between soaring, haunting melodies and abrasively rapped verses, dauntingly anxious guitar riffs, and hell-raisin’ jungle drums, Courtney Yasmineh has proven that she is easily capable of weaving her own unique concoction of sound." -Live in Studio 5 KFAIRadio Blog Seth Hynes-Marquette

Red Letter Day Unplugged EP:



Red Letter Day album available now:


 New music video for "Misfits And Losers" debut soon!



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