Right now, Courtney Yasmineh and producer/drummer Rob Genadek are rerecording as a duo all the songs slated for Courtney's new album due out this summer 2017. At the end of a successful six week Europe Tour, the duo approach is ready for the studio and may prove to be the most rewarding listening for Courtney's new writing which is being heralded as her best compilation of songs so far. 

There are opportunities to be part of the studio revelers for several nights at Rob's new Uptown Sound Recording Studio in Minneapolis, April 25, 26-27. Send an email via the Contact Courtney form here for more information.


Brand New Single! "Tangled Web" is getting attention in the US and Europe on indie radio and playlists! Listen here:


 photo from basic tracking for new album 2017 release with Michael Baker, Jim Anton, Omid Huttar, Rob Genadek, and Courtney, recorded at The Pearl Mpls late August 2016.......





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