still looking for somebody to blame

Yesterday I got the idea that it's all Rob's fault and that I should move out of his house because he's dragging me down.

I mean, it sounds funny now maybe but I was sure about this yesterday.

I got…


the water shut off notice will not get me down

The water shut off notice is sitting by the door

and we got more bills than we can pay

But we've kept our freedom and I'm learning to love him

and not give in to dismay


There's nothing easy on…


fresh ideas for my birthday week

This is my birthday week and I'm going to keep myself feeling great.


I wrote a different blog post this morning and then deleted it.

If you read it, I'm sorry for that.

I will be grateful, loving, and…


snowy day today, happy Sunday

I'm going to drive the half hour to see my Mom today.

We're supposedly celebrating my birthday, the two of us, today.

We'll see how that goes.

She's not that nice, unfortunately, a lot of the time, especially when she's…


on the radio live in studio session today

I'm driving to Northfield MN to be on Jessica Paxton's show today on KYMN radio.

I am delighted especially because Jessica is the show host who listed my Songs From The Open Road album as one of her top ten…


back in the saddle

I loved playing a little show last night.

Three guys and me.

We put on a little songwriter show at a nice brewery.

Each of us played some songs on guitars.

Such a funny little pastime, singing songs and playing…


faint sense of Spring

There's the faintest sense of Spring this morning at Rob's house.

The sky is clear and the Sun's presence has a tiny bit brighter feel.

It's Minnesota, so Spring won't come until April..or May.

But January was less harsh than…


so much to do all of a sudden


Too much to get done!

How is this happening all of a sudden.

Taxes....1099s already one business day overdue.

I need to send the nice people who gave me my Northwoods artist award last year a bunch of work…


it's a new era

It's a new era in my head and in my heart.

All that is unnecessary has been swept away.

I'm preparing for the most important passage of the journey, that's how it feels.

And the journey has been going on…


a whole bunch of new followers all of a sudden

Strangely, I've had more friend requests on Facebook in the past 24 hours than I've ever had in such a short time.


I've had to dump a bunch of people who I don't even know and don't know why…