stick to the main goal

For me the main goal is to get the best songs I can.

For somebody like me the original content is my ticket to the ball.

I listened to my son getting very excited a few days ago about decorating his new apartment in Minneapolis.

He said that he wants it to be a really cool expression of his creativity.

Rob was there too and Rob and I talked a bit about how it's harder to compromise when you live with other people.

Jordan's wonderful girlfriend will be coming to live with him in September they think.

So the decoration of the apartment is something to get excited about when you're people like us who love fabrics and aesthetics and art objects, etc. etc.

But I thought about how much time and energy I've put in to making my places beautiful.

I also told him that I think I've put too much emphasis on the decoration of homes at the expense of the relationships in my homes.

I told him to be careful, as a life partner, not to put your aesthetic ideals above the person you love.

I have hated men for leaving their ugly crap all over my beautifully decorated rooms....yes, I have.

I also got the idea going that my son should be careful not to fall into what I think may be a common trap for artists in general.

If you're creative, and we all are, you can get creative by shopping, by cooking, by decorating.

The domestic arts are consuming and enticing and fun, and to some degree easy to achieve.

All the great songwriters were also artists in some other medium, and many of them knew how to decorate a room or bake a pie.

Many of them have been painters or sculptors or prose writers.

The point I'm making here is that you can't fritter away your creativity and your self-expression on decorating and maintaining your cool looking rooms.

You just can't.

It's a frivolous waste of time.

There, I said it.

Get your room set up and then get to work on something real, on something original, on something lasting.

A well decorated room is inspiring and we need inspiration of beauty and harmony all around us.

Dwelling in beautiful uncluttered spaces makes us clearer thinkers, gives us a feeling of self-possession and inner dignity.

All of this is real.

But when tending your beautiful rooms and keeping them well edited and dust free becomes time consuming, you've built yourself a trap.

Heed my warning, creative friends, and that's every one, keep a healthy balance and keep your highest focus on your highest art forms.

For me, the new album I'm going to record this summer is my main goal.

Without it I am bound and gagged in the world.

I am nothing and no one to the press, to the publications, to the makers of playlists, to the DJs, until I have a new album for them to sink their teeth into.

I need something to give people that is deeply substantive, something intended to last, something clearly intended to contribute to society.

Once it's out people can deliberate about how relevant it is.

They can decide for themselves whether I'm speaking to them in a way that makes them want to listen again and again.

I'll throw social media in here as well, as a creative form that is of little lasting value.

You are not going down in history for your clever facebook rants. 

Refocus your creativity.

Go for the primary art form and try to steer clear of the secondary art forms.

Fashion is also a trap for me.

I can put a lot of creative time into sewing beads and pretty patches onto my jeans or to designing new corona virus masks for my family to wear.

Deliver me Lord.

Primary art forms rule.

End of blog post.

Blog posts are not a primary art form.

Do not spend too much of your creative energy and your self-expression on blog posts.

Note to self.



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  • Josephine Lane
    Josephine Lane
    Well I am glad you do spend some of your creative energy writing this blog. After all you are a writer be it in your songs or pondering about life in your blogs.

    Well I am glad you do spend some of your creative energy writing this blog. After all you are a writer be it in your songs or pondering about life in your blogs.

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