starry night in Ely

There are so many beautiful powder puffs of stars in the real night sky.

People in cities don't see them.

The powder puffs were hanging on strings outside my bedroom window in Ely, Minnesota last night.

The stars were so big and bright that they looked like a string of electric party lights hung outside my window.

Do you know about that?

What do we trade to live in the city that is better than those stars?


What is better than the clear blue water?

What do we trade that's better than the trees grown naturally close together, whispering in unison as they do when they're happy and healthy.

When the trees have their communities in tact they are alive with wisdom and joy.

What do we trade for all this?

The good solid answers allude me particularly in this time of shut downs and social distancing.

If we can't go to the cool restaurants the way we used to, if we can't do whatever we loved most about city life, maybe we try the country.

Would we just wreck any place we go en masse?

Do humans cut down all the trees everywhere they go by necessity or by choice?

Could we live in our huge numbers, us teeming masses yearning to be free, could we live in an area and leave the trees alone?

I wish the answer was yes.

I love New York City and I'm so glad it exists.

I love the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

I love Paris, and Amsterdam.

But man, I love those stars in the sky just as much if not more.

I played a show in Ely, Minnesota last night, near the Canadian border.

We had a great show thanks to my smart and kind hosts.

Thanks to all who attended.

I hope we can do more of these outdoor private shows because they work very well right now for people.

And I hope I can continue to come to the Great North and that humans can learn to love the night sky so much that they make sure they can always see it from anywhere on the planet.

Don't say that's impossible.

Love from Ely,



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