new music video is out

Okay! So Excited about this!

The first music video for my new album came out on youtube last night.

More people have watched it in the first 24 hours than any other video I've ever put out.

Also, more people have liked it in the first 24 hours.

Also, no one so far has given it the thumbs down.

Also, some people have written very nice enthusiastic comments.

So far so good!

I like everything about this new video series....the recordings sound great, the locations are wonderful, Nina's videography is very lovely and makes me look good too I think.

I like my hair and the clothes I wore.

I love the songs.

I wish I had written them all, but at least my song Married To Bob is in the mix and there's a video for that one coming up!

I watched a documentary about Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt. 

They talked a lot about being a good songwriter but they all sang many songs written by other people too.

I'm okay with that.

All in all I could not be happier about where this new project is heading.

Smiles all around!

The video is at the top of the video page on this website and it's also on the top of the home page as well right now so please take a moment to watch and I hope you like it!

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