my mother is staying with us for three nights....

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Yesterday I talked for a long time with the manager of my mother's independent living senior apartment complex.

She was worried about my Mom's mental health issues.

I've been afraid of my mother's mental health issues since I was a little girl.

I'm scared of her.

She can be really weird and really mean.

She's never super nice, but she can be kind of nice.

I'm glad I turned out as good as I did.

She needs to start taking an anti-psychotic pill every evening, prescribed by her doctor.

Otherwise she hears and imagines and hallucinates all sorts of bizarre and unspeakable scenarios.

She is afraid to take the pill, but if she doesn't start taking it soon, her building is going to recommend she be moved to assisted living.

I got the idea to invite her to come stay with us for three days and nights, which I knew she would like to do.

But she could only come if she agrees to start taking the pill.

This scheme worked and she took her first dose last night.

Maybe it'll take a while for it to work well, or maybe she can go from a quarter of a pill to a half pill as the doctor suggested we start with the quarter.

But last night she thought that Rob was "locked out and pounding on the basement door" when he was working out in his back studio around midnight.

There also isn't a basement door.

At 3am she thought someone had stolen her purse.

I asked who and she said, "maybe they found me here."

So this is what we're up against.

My son Jordan is the one who brought her over yesterday and he stayed for Nina's fabulous homemade fish tacos, and he's super supportive of Grandma.

And Nina is great.

And Rob, who has this whole cast of characters plus Tobi the puppy all in his house, is such a hero.

Speaking of Rob though, he called me around 4pm just before my mother was set to arrive.

He was on the side of the highway and his car engine of his old Saab station wagon was smoking.

A tow truck came and the car actually burst into flames under the hood.

Rob is fine.

All of this in one day.

I picked Rob up and his car was towed to the scrap yard.

He does have one more old car he sort of alternates, a BMW, so he'll just have that now.

His insurance isn't the kind that buys you a new car.

All that matters is that he's okay.

We stopped at the liquor store and brought home Mexican beer and we all had beers with lime wedges with Nina's fish tacos.

Rob and Jordan made a bonfire in the nice little fire pit I bought just before the Virus hit us.

Today my goal is to keep my own sanity in the face of my mother's disconcerting presence.

At 3am she told me I was a bad daughter, that I didn't love her, and that she wasn't going to give me any of her money when she dies.

All of this I've heard many times.

I was kind, I kept my cool, I went back to bed, I was as good as any person could possibly be.

This must be kept up for the next three days no matter what is said to me.

I can do it, I will do it.

Actually I've done it pretty much all my life.

Today I get to practice for my shows!!!!!

I'm going to get out my amp and my Guyatone guitar and my microphone and ROCK OUT in my bedroom.

My Mom's gonna love that......hahahaha.

It's my job.

I have to do it.

Isn't that awesome?


Also, happy birthday to my favorite tour manager, our friend Petra in Bremen, Germany!



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