My Birthday Today

I was born on this day at eight in the morning in Madison, Wisconsin to a young married couple, Vaughn and Ron Dundon, she of Swedish decent and he Italian and German, both with parents who came over "on the boat" from their home countries.

I was nine and a half pounds and that was very unusual at that time, and my mother is a very slender woman, and she was mortified that her daughter was so big and chubby, when her son had only been eight pounds four years before.

The hospital gave her a plaque for delivering the biggest baby....maybe their hospital.

Whatever, I didn't care.

When I was a little girl later in Chicago, my big brother would take me over to the gallery of black and white photos on the wall in our "spinster" Aunt Ebby's studio apartment.

He would show me the pictures and tell me who the people were....our great grandfather Peder Pedersen and so on.....

and then we'd get to the newest addition and he'd say, "Oh and who's this fat old man in a dress here?"

And that would be me in my formal baby portrait.

I didn't turn into a chubby child though, I turned out medium sized, maybe a bit tall.

I didn't care, whatever.

I went to see the Christmas Fairy at Marshall Fields as a little girl, and I knew she was much more important than fat old Santa.

I didn't care about sitting on his creepy old lap and telling him what I wanted my parents to buy me for Christmas.

The Christmas Fairy asked you about your DREAMS for your LIFE and then she affirmed it all by sprinkling her glitter fairy dust on top of you head and waving her magic wand over you and telling you it was going to all work out.

I believed, I believed, I believed.

It never occurred to me to think that I could ever be like her, so beautiful, so regal, so hopeful, so poised and glorious.

But now, on this my fifty-ninth birthday in the year of our Lord Two Thousand And Twenty I say unto you that I will endeavor for the rest of my days to bring the spirit of the Christmas Fairy to all that I do and I will believe and believe and believe, in you, in me, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I want to capture the hope and excitement I had as a child and have always had for the future, and add the certainty of faith of the Christmas Fairy and the great saints and believers.

Less fretting, more excitement!

May your day be merry and bright.

Happy birthday to me.

Thank you to the wonderful friends and fans who have sent small and large gifts this week.

I appreciate the generosity and trusting spirit that takes.

Right now, if you feel moved to help one woman make her big dream come true this year, you can send me a small or large gift through Paypal and if it's marked with a "happy birthday" message, the IRS has assured me that it's not taxable income in their eyes, but the gift it's meant to be.

Here's the link if the spirit moves you.


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