June Porch Show Series!

The June Porch Show Series is happening!

I launched the idea yesterday on social media and not one person wrote a negative or discouraging word.

This, of course, does not mean that no one had an uncharitable thought on the subject, it just means they didn't feel so strongly about it that they felt compelled to share their thought with me.


So I'm doing it!

I feel like I've thought it through and it makes sense.

Five people have already reserved spots!

Here's how I'm doing it:

You write me at cy@courtneyyasmineh.com or on social media messaging.

You request spots for one or all four of the Saturday evenings in June.

You venmo or paypal me a ticket donation.

I've decided to make the amount totally your choice, whatever you can afford, peoples' circumstances vary widely right now.

Once you pay me some amount to secure your spots I send you my address for the event as your confirmation.

I'm limiting ten audience members per show.

Others can walk up, it's in the front yard so that's inevitable.

But the only people who get seats on the lawn are the ticket holders.

I will not advertise the location ever.

People should bring a folding chair and a little cooler of beverages and snacks.

It's completely legal for me to allow ten guests to drink alcoholic beverages on my front lawn so that's fine too.

Lastly, the show will last around an hour to an hour and a half tops.

And, it's 6pm-7:30pm.

This allows for some social distancing socializing after I play.

The whole thing should be over by 8-8:30pm.

I think my neighbors will be okay with this, plus they can always pop over and listen a bit.

I get to play live in front of an audience.

I get to fire up my Guyatone and use a microphone.

I won't be loud but I will get to really play.

I'm thrilled.

The rain date for all four evenings will be the following Sunday, same time, same location.

No big deal, right?

This is so much less about making money and so much more about being a performer and seeing people and having fun.


Having something to offer and a way to offer it.

I want to be an artist who has a lot to offer.

In June, this is my offering.

So excited.

Probably going to wear a flower crown.

At least one of the nights.

So excited.

Life is grand and expansive, so let's make the most of it.

As my grandfather painted in red letters on the mantel of the Lake Vermilion cabin, "Life is too short to be little."



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