June Porch Series is shaping up nicely

I'm happy I decided to try to set up this front porch series of shows.

First of all, we have an awesome front porch.

Secondly, I'm claiming this house as my house this year instead of always saying "Rob's house".

I pay all the utility bills in my own name out of my bank account.

My name isn't on the mortgage and Rob and I aren't married, so if Rob suddenly died the house would go to his siblings and I'd move out.

I couldn't afford the mortgage anyway.

This situation may change with time, but so far that's what it is.

Rob is aware of this and when I asked him his opinion of this recently he said, "I'm not planning on dying any time soon."

Very Rob answer.

You can't pull him and you can't push him.

He's Polish and he's stubborn.

Someday things will be different.

In my song Beautiful Lonely the female character says "He says things will be different some day".

She says this wistfully. You think maybe she's talking about an affair with a married man in that song, but she's not. She's talking about a guy like Rob.

Anyway, the porch is awesome and it's mine and I'm gonna use it.

I'm still on my "I have a lot to offer" kick.

I have a lot to offer as an artist and I'm going to continue to offer things.

This is such a different posture in the world from the other less attractive, less empowering stances that an artist can take.

The whole "poor me I'm a full time artist and I'm broke" thing sucks for everybody.


I lived that for three years and it sucked.

Being out of debt has changed that for me.

I'm fair and square with the world.

I'm not a damsel in distress, I'm not in distress at all.

I'm all good.

I can set up my porch series as an offering of what I can do, what I can give, what I can make that is special and unique and original.

I'm offering it because it sounds fun.

Fun for me and fun for you too.

I'm offering it because I have a deep yearning to do something more connected to you.

I don't need to make money off of it, but I've set a donation mechanism so that my performance and what I'm offering is valued properly.

You can pay whatever you can afford so I'm not trying to get anything out of you.

Give or don't give, come or don't come.

My offering is made for me out of joy to give to you out of joy.

Woohoo! I think I'm finally getting this.

To do my porch series in June I didn't have to apply for a spot, I didn't have to submit an application, I didn't have to compete against every singer/songwriter in the Twin Cities and beyond, clamoring for popularity.

In one of Neil Young's concerts a man shouted at him to get going and play the song, suggesting Neil was talking too much.

Neil heard the guy and addressed him on the microphone.

He said "I'm on my way buddy. I work for me."

Fuck yeah Neil.

I'm on my way too.

And I work for me too.

Go Neil!

Go Me!

Porch Series in June! 

Spots are going fast, and there are only ten spots available for each night.

Saturdays 6-7:30pm. June 6, 13, 20, 27.

You make a donation to me and I send you the address and save you one of the well distanced spots.

You bring folding chair, mask, cooler with your beverage and snack choice. Alcohol is legal and allowed.

This is my offering for the month of June.


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