Hope 2020

I performed a brand new song at my two shows over the weekend.

Oh, it sounds so nice to say, "my to shows over the weekend"!

Hope 2020!

That's the name of the song.

Here are the lyrics:


The main thing my friend is not to let fear overtake you

and the trouble you've seen, let it not overwhelm you

Keep your heart light

Keep your chin up

Stay open to the possibilities and don't regret anything you've done

You're as radiant as the Sun

And all you ever did was your best

Even when your life put you to the test

I know all along you've been blessed


There's no reason to think HOPE would leave you now when you need it most

You've got a big heart and Love will see you through

We've got enough for the whole world just between us two

So keep your heart light

Keep your chin up

Stay open to the possibilities and don't regret anything you've done

You're as radiant as the Sun

All you ever did was your best

Even when your life put you to the test

I know all along you've been blessed


Isn't it nice?

If you go listen to my bedroom show from last night you can hear me sing it.

Here's the link to that:



We brought my mother back to her apartment yesterday and when I called her at 9:30pm she was getting into bed, which is a good change.

She was staying up very late and hearing things and getting scared, and sometimes she'd call the building managers or even the police.

We're hoping that the new pill she started taking, an anti-psychotic drug, is already beginning to help.

She takes a quarter of a pill, the tiniest amount possible, each night after dinner.

I'm praying this will allow her to continue to live independently.

She loves her apartment and she loves to drive around in her nice car.

She's in great shape physically.

When she has delusions she loses sleep and she loses her appetite and she just gets worse and worse.

She told me a while ago that her doctor had prescribed a pill for her to take before bed to help her "calm down" and not have "unwanted thoughts".

But she said the directions said the person shouldn't be alone when taking this drug in case of side effects like feeling suicidal.

She was afraid to take it.

So we had her come to stay over the weekend and she took it each of the nights.

I'm going to call her this morning and ask how her night was.

Hopefully she didn't "hear" anything at all.

Hopefully she slept well.

That's the story of my Mom's situation.


As for me, I'm excited to buy a skein of twine at the hardware store today.

I'm going to get out my bicycle, which I love as much as I love my Guyatone guitar, possibly more.

I'm going to ride up to Lake Street to my very favorite True Value Hardware.

I'm going to don my mask and go inside in search of some nice sturdy twine.

Then I'm going to ride back home and get to work.

The hanging baskets of herbs and strawberries that we bought for the front porch have plastic hanging hooks.

But they have nice organic biodegradable baskets.

I feel that the aesthetics are being undone by the big green plastic hooks, so I'm going to remove them and replace them with the natural twine and rehang the baskets that way.

I love doing stuff like that.

Also, I made $300 at my balcony show on Saturday, plus the book club purchase that day of eight books and ten CDs for $200, so I ordered myself two new pairs of shorts for summer.

I'm really feeling like life will proceed in some wonderful better than ever new way.

Even the shorts I bought are a testament to that.

I bought these great looking faded denim, very pale blue, long shorts, almost to the knees, with a high waist, and many delightful little rips all down the thighs, for effect and for ventilation.

I can just hear my mother saying, "I suppose you paid extra to have them all ripped up like that."

Anyway, there's a black pair too.

So that'll be my summer uniform, with or without a change in the world situation.


What else?

I have to figure out how to cut Tobi the puppies toenails which I'm afraid to do.

I have to order a clipper on line I think and also there's a special powder to stop any bleeding...which sounds horrible and I hope to God won't happen.

I'm eventually going to have to cut his hair myself too because we can see that he's getting really hot when he's outside now in the Sun.

His black fur soaks up the heat.

I was hoping his groomer would open up shop and I wouldn't have to do it.

Maybe, we'll see, maybe after May 4th the pet stores will reopen.


Okay people, that's all I got.

It's going to be a nice day here again.

I hope it's Springtime where ever you are too.






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