eradicate fear

Eradicate fear by being grateful.

"Fear is my enemy, money is my rival, gratitude is the remedy and love is my survival"

That's from my "High Priestess and the Renegade" album.

Three years ago I wrote those words and they're still ringing true for me.

Right now, money is my friend.

I'm grateful for every penny, every dollar, every paid bill, every amount in the black.

I've worked hard and I've worried hard and I've prayed hard.

I've focused and I've repented.

Finally, I'm in a good place where my life is a small footprint, but an honest one.

And my future is wide open before me.

I'm healthy!

I'm eradicating fear by cultivating goodness.

When I moved into Rob's house three years ago, there were a lot of thistles in his backyard.

I know the birds love thistles and I believe that no plant created by my God is a "weed".

But, the thistles on Rob's small plot of land in the city wreak havoc.

They're so prickly that I couldn't garden around them and they spill over into the grass areas and everywhere else the minute you give them any encouragement.

Worse yet, the drying thistles in the Fall stick to my dog and are very difficult to remove from curly hair.

So, I decided three years ago that they had to be discouraged in Rob's yard.

This Spring there are only a handful of them appearing near the back fence.

I would say that I've worked to cultivate the raspberry bushes that now bear fabulous quantities instead.

The raspberries last summer went on and on.

I planted them in the back corner where the thistles like to hang out.

I'm going to cultivate more good ideas this summer and stop fighting the bad stuff.

The bad stuff recedes on it's own when you're working hard on the good in your life.

I changed the "bio" on my social media pages last week.

It used to say a bunch of titles: songwriter, author, blogger, etc.

Now I changed them all to read "a woman letting her life lead her".

Those titles aren't who I am.

I am.

I also do things.

I have written songs.

I hopefully will write more.

But I don't want to have that as a defining title.

I am.

I do things.

I revel in the glory of my God.

I revel in the glory of our Earth.

I revel in the glory of relationships.

And I love my puppy.

And I love playing the guitar.

I love riding my bicycle.

Today I'm going to get the other two hanging baskets for the front porch.

So excited.

Courtney Yasmineh: hanger of garden baskets, rider of bicycles......

I am.

You are.

You are you.

I'm grateful for you.

Have a great Springtime day.


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