early morning writing

I was awakened by birdsong at four this morning.

I heard him or her, I think it's a Baltimore Oriole I'm hearing, even though all I could see was it's silhouette against the light of the early morning sky.

I decided to go out to the front lawn to really appreciate the concert.

The bird decided to take the highest place of honor for singing, the very tip top of the roof of the tallest new house across the street from us.

I could hear another bird singing the response from a distance somewhere else in the neighborhood.

And there were many more birds joining in by the minute with their own songs as well.

I thought about what I was saying yesterday about opinions.

I thought about everything that everybody is saying in the news and on social media.

The tree across the street is twice the height of the tallest new house.

Right now that immense and ancient tree is covered in huge white clusters of blossoms.

The lawns beneath that tree are deep with fallen blossoms like snow.

The tree says nothing but is deafening in it's splendor.

We pass by and don't look up to see.

Our rewards are before us daily.

The messages are clear, the signs are plentiful.

There is beauty all around us.

I sat on the front porch at four-thirty and I drank coffee and wrote a new song.

As I wrote, a young curious bunny stood on it's hind legs and watched me.

A second bunny came.

A third bunny came.

The three bunnies frolicked together, running in circles chasing each others' funny cotton tails.

What does it take to see three bunnies having fun in the early morning light?

All I had to do was go out to the porch in the early morning.

Beauty surroundsĀ  us.

Love of beauty precedes love of justice in the heart of a child.

But both can be cultivated and both can save the world.

Do I do enough?

Am I enough?

I'm observing, appreciating, witnessing.

It's good enough for me.

There's a lot to take in.

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