Blisstime C.Y. sole proprietor

I'm daydreaming of a new business venture.

I talked about it yesterday and I'm dreaming of it again this morning.

For now, I'm going to keep working on the guest room transformation.

I'm not spending any money on it at all.

Well, I bought four pink bins with lids yesterday to fill with Nina's stuff and any other stuff I didn't want in there any more.

The armoire is now empty.

I'm planning to take apart one of the two twin beds and remake one of them with the two matching height headboards so it looks like a daybed.

I'm going to use both of the twin mattresses so it's higher like a daybed too.

I'm going to shove the new daybed down to the end of the room...where I was hoping to put a window.

Instead of spending money on a window I'm going to string some fun lights across that end of the room over the daybed.

Maybe little flags too.

Like a fairy retreat.

Like a writer's retreat in Tangier.

I'm not painting, I'm not doing anything but moving stuff around and rethinking.

Today is phase two, the daybed phase.

After that I'll bring up my long narrow writing desk and make it work.

That will put the living room back the way it was before Aidan my dear dog companion died in January.

After Aidan died I had such a strong desire to set up my writing more seriously, to take a stronger position about living in this house.

Now that Nina has departed on her new adventure I'm ready to claim a stronger place with the guest room, make it mine.

I'm not apologizing about not having lots of sleeping space for kids now because Jordan at twenty-four is my youngest and he'll be living here in Minneapolis for the next three years for grad school.

The daybed in my new office will suffice for anybody who wants to stay.

The sofa in the living room will be fine for an extra visitor too.

I'm ready to be selfish,or be honest, that I need a room of my own.

The other thing we're doing is making raised beds in the big backyard.

Rob and Jordan drove around yesterday with me along in the backseat, getting the lumber.

They spent the afternoon together drinking beer and sawing boards.

Two very nice raised bed frames were designed and assembled.

I got to have a lot of input.

Today we have the bags of enriched soil stacked by the gate.

Jordan's coming to help dig up the sod inside the frames.

Then we'll fill the two beds and go buy plants and seeds.

Last year Nina and I tried growing tomatoes and peppers and we had a ridiculous amount of success.

We had tomatoes every day for weeks.

So this is the next level of vegetable gardening.

Jordan is in town now and is excited to be an organic farmer with us so we have his youth and exuberance to insure success.

Nina is in L.A. so thank goodness Jordan came home.

Between the guest room and the garden beds I have enough going on.

Tomorrow is my three hour show broadcasting from the guest room hopefully so I better get going!

Love to you from beautiful blossoming Minneapolis.

Enjoy your Springtime day.

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