big show this Saturday night live to the world!

The live stream show will go on at 7pm!

This is where you'll find the live show link on Saturday starting around 5pm.

Find it and be ready.

Make some popcorn, pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of whatever.

Hot water with lemon for the virus.

Okay, so miracles abound and a friend and fan met me yesterday out on the great Mississippi River Road.

She slipped an envelope of cash through a one inch crack in my window so neither of us would be risking our health.

Either of us may have it, you never know now.

The money is for the lawyer.

I'm doing the bankruptcy.

It starts today.

God help me.

Rob thinks it's the right thing.

We actually all, even my kids, even my Mom, think I have no choice.

The bank has given me no kindness and no options.

I have no income right now.

Even when this is over it will take a long while to set up new gigs.

The postponed gigs are just plain gone.

Most venues have a new schedule for late 2020 and for 2021 already in place.

I will begin again, with everyone else, of course as well.

But in the meantime my debt would have increased exponentially.

So I'm going to do this and do my penance for all my sins.

And in the end, upon my grave, let it be said that I gave everything I had to do what I wanted to do in music.

I gave everything and I lost everything.

And in the process of losing everything I won my freedom.

And I found my place with my Holy Spirit.

I love you dear friend.

I hope you'll tune in tomorrow night at 7pm!

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