a more visual life...and a show tonight 6-9pm!

I'm in a very visual creative mode again, for the first time in a long time.

I used to sit in the rooms I inhabited and stare at the walls, stare at the windows, stare at the floors.

I was conjuring beauty.

I was conjuring order and function and beauty.

When I moved in to Rob's house I had to let go and let God.

Rob was very nervous about a woman coming into his bachelor world, and not just any woman but a very overbearing bossy woman.

I've learned about letting go.

I've learned about never dimming anyone else's hope.

I've learned about nurturing everyone's inner child.

And from all of that effort I've suddenly been handed the keys to my own little kingdom.

I'm not running roughshod over anybody any more.

I'm just learning to let love rule, and it's giving me a lot of opportunity and freedom.

I'm setting up the guest room as my personal Paradise.

All I needed was one whole room with a closet full of just my own favorite stuff.

All I needed was a little single bed to dream on in the afternoons of winter.

All I needed was a desk for my papers, for my journals, for my typewriter.

All I needed was one tiny room under the rafters.

I feel great.

I don't think an extra window is needed, now that I put a fresh curtain that lets in more light and shows the sky at the top.

Rob installed a new fan for me on the bottom for extra air circulation.

Now I can't see the neighbors and they can't see me, but I've got sunlight and airflow and a view of the sky.

Good enough.

One of the twin beds got dismantled and sent to the basement.

My long narrow desk got moved up from the living room.

The yellow bench from the master bedroom is now the "chair" for my writing desk.

More visuals: the master bedroom doesn't have to double as a dressing room for me now that Nina's out in the big world.

So the master bedroom is getting to be uncluttered and serene which is what master bedrooms should be in my humble opinion.

An oasis from all else.

I'm still working on scrubbing the floor in there, where the yellow bench used to be was pretty dusty.

Less clutter, less storage, more open space.

Fewer extension cords weaving all over for phone chargers.

Serenity now, in the master bedroom.

The backyard has two brand new raised beds filled with perfect soil, all made perfectly perfect by Rob and Jordan.

What is happening?

How did my life become so magical?

The yard looks so wonderful I can't believe my eyes.

The living room is restored, my desk really threw it off when I had it in there.

The master bedroom is on it's way.

The guest room is nearly divine.

The front porch has flowering baskets hung all around.

Lastly, I've decided to take all the working musician stuff out of my car completely.

The merch cases, the amps, the extra speaker, the mic stands.

I'm going to have just a nice clean old Jeep with nothing in it.

Who does that make me?

It makes me a lady who can buy big potted tomato plants.

It makes me an uncluttered human being.

I'm a clean slate called Courtney Yasmineh.

A woman letting her life lead her.

Hello, my friend, nice to meet you.

And I have a show for you tonight on top of all of this.

Tune in 6-9pm.

I will do my best to make it worth our while.

Here's the link for the show, Central Standard Time, but you'll be able to watch it afterwards any time you want as well:

Saturday night May 16th 6-9pm Courtney Live!



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