This Blog Is Paused Until The New Album Is Written

Okay friends and lovers,

this daily message in a bottle is pausing starting today.

I have to turn off all the other spigots to get the water pressure up on my songwriting.

No more fucking around.


last night we had a little party

Last night we had two young friends come for drinks.

We were all in the yard and we kept away from each other as best we could.

The young pair live together, and have been very diligent in their isolation…



I have received several invitations to play my music around Minnesota for August.

The first one is this Thursday at a restaurant outdoor patio called Harriet Brassiere.

I'm looking forward to it.

They're paying me tips and giving me a…


beautiful dinner last night

I dined al fresco last night with a dear friend. 

We went to my favorite old French restaurant and sat outside.

We had the mussels and pomme frites, the Vouvray in an ice bucket on the table.

Two lettuce salads…


Taylor Swift and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Representing The Bronx and Queens in New York in the House of Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the age of 29 is a force to be reckoned with.

Taylor Swift who just released her eighth studio album last night at midnight…


second post today

We may be going camping after all.

This is anxiety for me.

Will the 1970 camper van with 500,000 miles on it make it to the campsite?

Will the weather be so unpleasant that I will feel irritable and soggy?


admitting a slowdown

I'm admitting that I either have slowed down or I need to slow down.

Or I am experiencing a slowdown.

I am part of a worldwide slowdown, probably.

I feel like I'm writing from my mouse hole.

A tiny woodland…


gratitude is the portal

If you stay grateful you can access happiness.

Abundance is not money, abundance is the glory of Mother Nature and the Great Creator made manifest every day everywhere we look.

My tomato plants have gone absolutely crazy with so many…


my supply

My consciousness of God as my supply is my supply.

This quote is from The Abundance Book that was recommended to me three days ago by a great female African American singer whose voice and spirit I admire.

To me…


beauty every morning and lessons every day

I will relish the morning.

I will be still in the silence.

I will acknowledge my divine right to beauty.

The garden is lush.

Love is in my home.

Health abides with us.

I know the affirmations that bring personal…


possibilities all around

We're going camping next week with my 24 year old son and my eight month old puppy.

Rob is working on his 1970 red and white Volkswagon camper van this week to get it ready.

I like camping, it's creative.