you're not alone

You're not alone in the world.

I just read an interview with Kacey Musgraves and she said that good songwriting can tell listeners, "you're not alone in the world."

I like that.

The more personal your can be the more not alone we feel.


There's something to hold on to for the listener when the writing is personal enough I guess.

In Dolly Parton's song "Jolene", it's one woman talking to one other woman with a very specific first name and everything.

It's not a song about you, it's about Dolly and Jolene and Dolly's man.

Why do so many people love it so much?

I guess it's because, by being specific and personal, another person can put themselves in Dolly's shoes.

And they can feel the feelings Dolly's feeling, and they can recognize those feelings in their own life.

In the case of "Jolene", there's a feeling that you know you need someone and you know you're vulnerable, you know you're not one hundred percent safe. And you have to ask for the mercy of others who don't even care about you. Dolly is asking Jolene to take pity, to have mercy. It's very vulnerable and sort of sad, but also very beautiful that Dolly is so clear on who she loves and how much she loves them.


Songwriting can come from very subterranean places in the human psyche.

We can make primal statements and evoke primal emotions.

I hope I am writing some good new songs.

All I can do is keep writing and keep praying.

Trio show tonight in Faribault, Minnesota!

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