you can't please everyone so you got to please yourself

You can't please everyone, and sometimes you can't please anyone.

I watched Taylor Swift's documentary about her life so far.

By the end she is trying to please herself and it looks convincing.

I feel good about her and what she's accomplished now as a grown woman with a lot of money and the power to make a difference.

She also has the ability to embarrass herself on a massive scale.

She can be a catalyst for good and an example to her fans or she can squander her success.

But she went through her bitter phase, well earned I'd say, and she's on to making a positive impact.

I'm aware that my ideas about spirituality and making your dreams come true are upheld in Taylor's story.

Yes she was trying to please everyone, but most of all she was following a very unusual and specific path which had nothing to do with what the world wanted.

The world didn't know they wanted Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift gave them what they didn't know they wanted.

That can only mean that she was following a vision of her own about herself.

No one else in her family had done what she set out to do and she didn't have a blueprint.

Yes she had wealthy parents who were willing to partially relocate for her to Nashville, but lots of bratty kids have rich parents and they don't accomplish what she did.

The idea for me is that any person regardless of age or circumstance has only to fixate on a clear vision in order to change their own lives.

If a young woman walks into a women's shelter and in the admittance interview she states clearly that what she really wants is to finish her high school degree and then go to college and law school and eventually become a civil rights lawyer, somebody's going to listen.

And if she keeps saying it, over and over to anyone who will listen, and if she thinks of herself that way every day, people will come forward out of the mist to help her.

She doesn't have to figure it out and she doesn't have to beg for it.

She just needs to hold the vision like a lit candle before her.

And it can change, and maybe she becomes a social worker, or a politician.

But if she keeps her candle lit right in front of her, all will see, and she will see the path illuminated in small increments that she can handle and that won't overwhelm her.

And she will walk to freedom.

This is what I'm doing.

I walked my way into a deep hole, and thenI walked my way into a deeper one.

But now I have my little candle burning bright and I have the faith to step forward each day.

That's all.

The people around you can help, but they can't do it for you.

And the people don't have it in their power to give it to you.

You have the power to step forward each day.

They cheer from the sidelines and they hold up signs to help you on your way.

Follow their signs because they are messages from God.

But most of all just keep moving.

Not fast, not in fear.

Just one step at a time.

Happy Sunday.

Puppies forever.

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