yesterday I took the day off

On the last day of July, yesterday, I took the day off.

I started out my usual way having one wonderful cup of coffee with a spoonful of dark chocolate and some hazelnut flavored cream.

I wrote my blog entry, I responded to many emails, I wrote some more emails, and I designed a little flyer for my Riverview show this Friday.

That stuff doesn't go away, even on a day off.

Next, I went to the kitchen and prepared a French style quiche with a small block of the nicest Gruyere cheese from France, the beautiful fresh eggs from our friend across the street who is a professional sculptor and who keeps Bantam hens. The eggs are pale shades of turquoise and biscuit, they are works of art in and of themselves. You don't refrigerate them because they are straight from the chickens and they have their own natural protective coating. Mother Nature is better than all of our procedures and contraptions. I used one of the tomatoes from our garden, plus fresh asparagus and small brown mushrooms, and two pieces of bacon, crumbled. I made the crust myself like I always do with a stick of butter and flour and a tiny bit of water and salt. The quiche was ready when Nina and Rob came down later in the morning. We all loved it.

I went out into the backyard with Aidan and I picked a heaping bowl of raspberries from the raspberry patch I planted three years ago. Nina is going to make raspberry sour cream cupcakes this weekend because we're having one of Rob's best friends over for dinner on Sunday.

Next, Nina and I got Aidan into his harness and leash and brought him in the car with us to the Guthrie Theater area in Minneapolis.

Nina has been wanting me to go with her to see where she is studying acting now.

She goes down to the Guthrie once a week for her classes.

So we parked on a side street and walked all around the area that first seemed rather dismal when the "new Guthrie" was first built.

The area in downtown Minneapolis has blossomed and become absolutely delightful and impressive, the old mill buildings made into loft style apartments that look out over the grand old Mississippi River. The Stone Arch Bridge is great, the walkways and the park system along the river there are beautiful.

We had ice cream cones, which is something I rarely allow myself, but I'm over that rigid discipline crap. If you have to be afraid that one ice cream cone is going to ruin your health or your figure, you are not living right. Nina said she sees a long line of people getting ice cream cones when she goes to her acting class and she always wishes she could get one too, so we did.

Then we went for a long walk exploring the area and Nina talked about what it would be like for her to get her own apartment in that neighborhood and be able to walk to Jefe the restaurant where she's working, and also walk to the Guthrie for her classes. Plus you can take the winding and picturesque river road all the way to Rob's house and it only takes about fifteen minutes to get there.

Aidan got really hot and started falling down in the grass at every opportunity and rolling over on his back in the cool grass, so we decided to stop at the Spoon River restaurant next to the theater and sit at one of their tables on the street where the waiter gave Aidan his own lovely bowl of cool water and we ordered glasses of rosé.

After all of this indulgence and frivolity we drove home to Rob's house and we all took naps.

At five Nina had to go to her band practice, so I decided to get my bicycle out.

I rode my bike in the cool evening air across the river and all the way up the long hill from the river to my alma mater Macalester College. There's a print shop I like over there. They printed up the flyers I had designed that morning. I paid for them and got back on my bike. I rode back down and across the river and back up the other side to the Riverview Cafe where I'm playing on Friday as I said. I think this whole trip to the printers and to the cafe was about twelve miles total.

I put the flyers all around at the cafe and said hello to the staff people.

I rode home and put my bike back in the garage.

I went in the house and played with Aidan and watched some very entertaining footage from the political debates going on now. Twitter is the best for making a hilarity out of anything that's happening in American politics. The way I see it, the topics are of huge serious importance but the political characters involved are not. 

Nina came home and told me all about her band practice.

I went to bed feeling that my life has blossomed along with the summer foliage in Minnesota this year.

I am overwhelmed with the joyful feeling of abundance that is all around me right now.

I'm so grateful that I get to be alive right now and having this experience.

My new album goes to print today or tomorrow.

I fall down on my knees and raise my arms in the air and thank the Lord and the Benevolent Universe for all that has transpired before me.

Here we are having fun on my day off...

Here's the little flyer I made....


  • Josephine Lane
    Josephine Lane
    Do what you love and all is well. Gratitude is a necessity. I love the flyer.

    Do what you love and all is well.
    Gratitude is a necessity. I love the flyer.

  • Blake Charles Donley
    Blake Charles Donley
    "Mother Nature is better than all of our procedures and contraptions." [ killer observation right there, delivered eloquently ]

    "Mother Nature is better than all of our procedures and contraptions."

    [ killer observation right there, delivered eloquently ]

  • Courtney Yasmineh
    Courtney Yasmineh
    Love to the comment leavers for they shall inherit my gratitude.

    Love to the comment leavers for they shall inherit my gratitude.

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