wow! porch concert is a great concept!

I did great yesterday!

I set up the porch concert early so there wouldn't be any last minute issues.

The brilliant sound engineer Rob Genadek was on hand to help and he made me sound very professional and polished and fancier than I usually do.

Miraculously, the front porch of Rob's house has beautiful acoustics, especially with the help of my small amplification system.

The front yard was nicely mowed...thanks to Rob again.

I got dressed up in one of my favorite get ups for performing and I felt like my old self again, but new and improved!

Rain was threatening but held off until we finished around 7:20pm.

The show was sold out, and some people from the neighborhood joined us as well, so I felt great about the attendance.

Some neighbors across the street who I really don't know at all sent me a message and a $50 donation after the show, telling me how much they enjoyed it.

The donations for the reserved spots on the lawn are "pay whatever you can" and people who could be were very generous.

Mostly, my songs felt so alive.

The songs I've been singing all along have been about struggles and rising above.

These themes fit the times very well.

I couldn't be happier with my overall message.

My new "Hope 2020" song rings true and is a keeper.

I hope to bring out more new songs each week.

Rob babysat Tobi for me so he didn't wreck the performance.

He would have bounded out and pounced on everyone, and he would have jumped all over me too.

Instead he and his "Dad" hung out in the living room, listening.

Rob said my voice is coming back and he thinks it's great that I'll be singing every week now.

The "Rona" definitely took it out of us both.

I have my lungs back just fine, but my vocal chords need to get back into top shape again.

Not singing regularly since February is a long time to get out of practice.

So the porch concerts are wonderful.

Also, just the physical set up, carrying all the equipment and guitars and setting up seemed harder than I remember.

I only had to carry my things out from the basement storage area to my own front porch! Haha!

I was driving two hours each way and playing for three hours at a time last summer for some shows.

But for the same amount of revenue the front porch show is a brilliant change.

Some people from last night have already signed up for next week!

And there are more reservations already for next week as well, so it's already filling up.


I have been wondering how my career can possibly move forward in the face of all that has occurred, but this is surely a great first step.

Also, I can take this exact show on the road, of course.

We did this in Ely, Minnesota just a few weeks ago and we'll do it again in July.

I can play outside in someone's yard and they can invite their friends in whatever capacity works for them.

So, this is the way forward for now.

This plus working on the new album.

That's what I have before me and I will follow my path gladly.

It's a beautiful early summer day here and I'm going to buy a Sunday New York Times and sit out in the big backyard with Rob and Tobi and enjoy life.

Later this afternoon Tobi has an appointment to get his first Rabies shot at the Petco clinic near our house.

I'm glad I can stay home with him this evening in case he doesn't feel well.

Love and appreciation to you today.

Thanks for reading,


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