with what shall we begin this brand new year?

With what shall we begin our new year?

Go see the new film version of Little Women.

Don't argue.

No, men are not excluded.

Or read the book, but honestly, the film is brilliantly tailored to the modern audience so you may like it much more than the book.

And the film will only take you a couple hours to watch, where as the book might take you a long while to read.

Little Women dwells on the themes of love and money.

Loyalty too.

Faith and hope.

Tenderness for all creatures and for each other.

We think about what we need for this brand new year and what is the first thing we say to ourselves?

Maybe we tell ourselves that we have to cut back on spending, on food intake, on alcohol intake.

Maybe we tell ourselves that we don't have enough money or love or time.

Maybe we tell ourselves we haven't done enough.

Maybe we tell ourselves that what we've done so far isn't enough.

Let us not start out with this mentality of what is lacking!

Let's not start out with this idea that we have to withhold from ourselves, that we need to cut back further.

Let's begin this brand new year in earnest as creatures of the Holy Spirit, and I'm writing this to you at six-thirty in the morning on January the first, two thousand and twenty, so really, not a moment has been wasted so far.

I wore my "holy spirit" t shirt that I made to the movie yesterday, with my black ball gown skirt I designed and hand sewed.

I made those things by inspiration just as the holiday season began, and for very little money, and those two things brought me a lot of joy throughout December.

Charles Dickens says to "keep Christmas" in our hearts all the days of the year.

Okay, so here is the list of things to bring into the new year:

.....the charitable essence of the mother's ideals in the Little Women story

......the hopefulness 

.......the determination

......the sense of abundance

......the sense of possibility

....making due with what you have in a jubilant way

....creating from little or nothing

.....creating from your heart

......gratitude for those around you

....acceptance of each others' faults

....love for all

....awareness of others' suffering and an eagerness to help

....joyful self-expression

and above all.....

tenderness for all creatures great and small.

Tenderness will save us all.

Bring your love and your tenderness, your gratitude and your hope, and we will walk side by side into this new year!

I'm ready!

Let's Love More.

Let's Create More.

Let's Allow Ourselves Gratitude.

Go see the movie.

Let your true tender heart be evident to all this year.



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