Wisconsin today!

Today I drive to Wisconsin and play another in my summer series of patio shows.

I don't know if it's JJ's Outpost itself, or the Apple River, or all of Wisconsin that brings out the rowdiness in these people, but these people are rowdy.

I've heard the best quotes of my summer here at JJ's Outpost, and I will assuredly hear some more today.

These people drink more and cover up less.

They're suntanned and sunburned and they're a little bit to a lot drunk.

I love them, they're a blast!

They make me want to become a biker chick which I've never wanted to become in all my life.

Thank God I'm afraid of motorcycles or it just might happen.

And where as one of my venues this summer actually asked me if I "had anything else I could change into" because the outfit I was wearing was "too revealing and was upsetting their clientele" (are you fucking kidding me? no I don't have anything else to change into and I'm wearing this exact same outfit on the poster you have hanging in your lobby so piss off) the JJ's Outpost on the Apple River seems to challenge me to get sluttier than usual in my attire which is a dare I am always willing to take.

Also, they are true music appreciators at JJ's. Sometimes they cry. Often they clap along. Sometimes they make great comments.

My favorite recent comment, bellowed out fairly loudly at the end of a song where it had become very quiet and everyone was contemplating the serious lyrics, suddenly one of the more sunburned drunken fellows blurted out, "But what I don't understand is...how does she remember the words to all these songs?" 


And no I'm not reading one of those electronic tablets attached to the side of my mic stand, or a music stand full of lyrics...no nothing.

I got it all in this magic little human brain of mine.

I hope my brain keeps being able to memorize lyrics.

I think memorizing lyrics wards off brain deterioration associated with old age.

I hope this is true anyway.

Okay, so to add to today's fun, one of my favorite supporters, a true friend and fan, is riding out to Wisconsin with me.

She is going to listen with me to the whole new cover tunes album on the way there and on the way back.

This is the final forty-eight hours before we turn in the master on Monday so I want to be sure it sounds great.

She will get to sit on the rowdy patio overlooking the rowdy Apple River in the heart of rowdy Wisconsin.

We'll order the bacon cheeseburgers that I've been watching people eat out there all summer but that I've never ordered for myself.

If I ever try to order my free dinner at these places when I'm playing a show I get swarmed by the fans and I can't concentrate on my food, so it's never worth it. I just eat when I get home and just play straight through my break.

So, drive out to the Apple River today if you have nothing better to do.

I'll be playing songs like "Good bye Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh, me gotta go pole the Pirogue down the Bayou..." which is talking about using a canoe with a pole to go down the river and fish. Hell yeah.

Life is wondrous people and we are living it.

Put something sexy on and get out there today and grab your piece of the fun.

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