winery last night

Last night was a winery show down in southern Minnesota.

During the day I just went for a long walk and ate Nina's fantastic vegetarian chili and took a nap.

I wore a new idea for the show.

I put a long sleeved black blouse I have that has a long tie at the neck underneath one of my sequin mini dresses.

It was great!

Since I was playing solo and in a rustic but high quality sort of place, the blouse made the dress more covered up and the dress made me more noticeable standing in the corner playing my guitar.

The people there get pretty loud and it is definitely not a concert settings.

Again, as I've noted at other similar venues, if people think they're coming to a Courtney Yasmineh show, they're going to be disappointed.

We don't all weep together over the beauty of the lyrics or over the memories of lost loves.

These people just party, straight on through.

They clap and they yell out an appreciative whoop from time to time so I know they're sort of listening.

There are often a few people singing my own songs and to the famous songs too....which of course I love to see.

I'm learning that if I forget all about my expectations and my ego I just relax and have fun singing.

It's a three hour performance and I can just have fun and pace myself.

I went home with $350 which is vital and wonderful.

Tonight's show is a house concert and the hosts are both musicians.

This will be exactly the opposite scenario I imagine.

Tonight I will have to do a good job, but the reward will be that people will listen and think about and feel every single word.

I love my job.

I sort of even love the chaos.

I love the stillness too.

I approve of myself one hundred percent.

I accept my path one hundred percent.

Look in the mirror.

Repeat after me.

Live the glory.

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