when it rains it pours

Suddenly we have problems at Rob's house.

The kitchen sink drain got clogged.

Then the upstairs bathroom got clogged.

Three days now we have all messed around with a snake tool for the drain, and with pouring terrible chemicals like Drano down the sinks.

Today we've hired a plumber.

We're all afraid to call a plumber because we think it'll be too expensive, but now we've got a real mess on our hands and we've spent money buying chemicals and tools that didn't do the trick.

So here comes the plumber, and really, we should have just called him right off the bat.

Also, today is the day for my little dog Aidan's haircut which he only gets twice a year.

Thank God I have a new client starting up this week with guitar and songwriting and a long time favorite songwriting client coming to work with me this afternoon.

Nina is helping pay the plumber and that's wonderful too.

Have a beautiful day.

Appreciate your hot and cold running water.


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