what though the darkness round me close, songs in the night it giveth

The hymn I like to sing as part of my shows these days says,

"what though the tempest loudly roars

I hear the truth it liveth

what though the darkness round me grows

songs in the night it giveth"

I've had the experience many times in my life of waking up with the memory of singing a song in my dream.

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to catch it like a butterfly.

To do so, I have to spring from my bed and keep singing it over and over and start writing it down as fast as I can and recording my voice on my phone.

But like trying to catch butterflies, you wreck them when you catch them.

Their wings get damaged, they die.

To catch a butterfly and let it go, perfectly unhurt, but have the joy of holding it for jut a moment in your hand is ideal.

Pin it to a velvet backing and frame it, and really what you have is barely more than dust in the shape of a butterfly.

So much that is magnificent is housed in their tiny perishable bodies.

The song is the same.

Today I awoke with a whole dream going still, I was singing a duet with the great Waylon Jennings, or someone who seemed like him, I didn't know.

We were singing this great powerful song about what is unfair in life, but also about how two people can rise above and make a great love that gives hope to many.

I was singing it as I woke up so I just laid there singing it over and over praying I wouldn't forget it.

I got up and tiptoed into my study room.

I got down on my knees and I literally prayed I could capture it a I wrote it out in my journal on the bed, me kneeling beside the bed on the wood floor.

I recorded it then quietly on my phone, as much as I could remember to the best of my recollection, as quietly as possible with no guitar just singing.

When Rob got up this morning he asked me what the song was that I was singing at like five in the morning.

I said it was a song from a dream and I don't think it's a real song anywhere I think I made it up in the dream.

He said, "Oh that's interesting because it was like I was hearing you sing this very interesting song and I knew I'd never heard it before, it seemed very unusual, I liked it, but it definitely didn't seem like a Courtney song at all. I wondered if you were writing it."


So let's hope I can hammer that one into a real shape soon too.

The album seems very promising now!

Tonight is my second porch show.

Several people made reservations, but a few people switched their reservation to next week instead.

That's good because I already have a nice group for next week, but I'm not sure at all what kind of turn out I'll have tonight.

And the weather is perfect so I hope some people will come.

That's all I can do is set my intention and follow through.

I'm looking forward to playing for each individual soul who comes to listen.

Have a beautiful evening whatever you do and where ever you are!

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