we're old but we ain't stupid

I am excited for the change I see sweeping the land.

There was a time when my children felt helpless to the political winds of change.

Now my children have strong words on the tips of there tongues.

I'm proud of this new generation of young Americans.

I want them to rise up and make a change in our battered country.

Yes, I've been an adult during America's treacherous downturn.

Barack Obama and I are the same age.

We certainly thought we were getting it right to get him elected.

Obviously there was still so much work to do.

I'm seeing many posts on social media by young people and people of color saying that people like me aren't saying it right.

Open mouth, insert foot.

I'm here to say that the phrasing is important but the heart is more important, the intention is more important.

I want to be relevant.

I don't want to be tone deaf.

I am struggling to learn and keep up.

And I also know that elders are important too.

Bob Dylan put down people over thirty when he was young.

I get that.

The arrogance of youth.

But every vantage point has it's advantages.

I am writing song lyrics.

It's very hard not to second guess yourself when you see so many people taking offense to so much wording.

I gotta just let it fly and see if any of it has merit later.

I won't record anything that hasn't been tested out on a few wise ears, I promise.

I'm not Black, and I can't write their struggle.

I'm not young, I can't see what they see.

I'm a wise older woman who's lived a big life.

The world needs my take on things too.

I'm going to continue to write a new album from my vantage point, right here, inside of me.

That's what I've got to work with.

Love, safety, good health, on this beautiful June morning!

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