we had ourselves a dance party

Yesterday in some ways seemed like the beginning of a more serious next phase. Nina my twenty-nine year old daughter, thanking her lucky stars that she isn't alone in New York or L. A. the way she was for the past ten years. Rob, happy that some of his clients are still moving forward on projects, at least with mixing and mastering, some even recording one on one at the studio. Me, saved again by fans and friends, feeling grateful. And Tobi the happy little four month old mascot, throwing sticks around in the yard and throwing toys around all over the house. Nina decided to try a recipe for Spicy Cucumber Margaritas. I had made a homemade..yes the crust too..spinach and mushroom (and bacon) quiche for us around noon. We ate the whole thing. So we just had the Margaritas with a frozen veggie thin crust pizza and a bowl of popcorn. But the fun part was that we used the great Marshall speaker we have that sits on the front hall table...front "hall" is a great exaggeration but I like to refer to it that way because it makes me feel elegant. You can plug your phone into the jack on the speaker and broadcast your playlist. We turned it up to full volume and Nina was the DJ. We played all over favorite Pop songs from the past five years and Nina and I danced. We danced a lot! Maybe fifteen songs, dancing the whole time, and it felt great. That song "When I taste Tequila..." was a favorite. Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" of course. The Chain Smokers and Coldplay "I Want Something Just Like This". Ed with Justin Beiber "I Don't Care" was Rob's favorite and Rob was playing the red acoustic guitar throughout this dance party, making up solos over the instrumental sections which was very fun to hear and to watch. I have a film of this but I've been asked by the participants not to share this publicly. So you have to just imagine it all. The Margaritas were fabulous, and I really think Tequila makes you feel differently from the way wine makes you feel. Maybe especially if you never drink it. Nina marinated the lime juice, slices of fresh cucumber, and fresh sprigs of cilantro all day in the tequila. If you ate the cucumbers in the bottom of your glass, which we all did, that was the equivalent to a second drink we decided. So we each had one but it felt like two very strong drinks. No one had to drive no one had to sing and remember all the lyrics, it was a good night to have a dance party, and that's just what we did. Amazing to me that in a difficult and wildly uncertain time that we can have a fun night that the three of us might never have had if normalcy had continued. Yesterday I colored another bird picture in the living room in the afternoon. I didn't realize I was doing this but Rob and Nina commented to each other, "She's like a seven year old. She keeps saying 'look at my birds I'm coloring' every time anybody walks by." Nina said, "Mom you're finally your real self again." I laughed and said I agreed , but why? She said, "You've just been so worried about the gigs and the tours and the blog and the books and the songs....and the money..." I said, "Yeah, it's like I got a reprieve. I needed a reprieve. This is like living at the cabin in the summers when I was a girl. Nothing to do but think up awesome activities. I love it." So, friends, thank you for your support. You've kept the wolf from the door for this artist. On March 28th I'm going to put on a concert live on the internet, broadcast from Rob's Upton Sound Studio. It'll just be me, Rob who already has my germs, and his assistant who already has his germs. I think we'll be broadcasting on Youtube live. If you can watch things on regular Youtube you'll be able to watch this, no fees, no passwords. I will set up a donation link for that night, but it'll be totally optional. My idea is to play for three hours so you don't miss it. And play every song I can think of that we all love, of mine and of other great artists I love. I'm going to get all dressed up, take a shower, everything, just like a real show. I'm truly looking so forward to it. I know some artists are doing things like this daily or weekly, but one a month is where my head is at. I know that these days of uncertainty are long and scary, and I know we all need to do our part. Let me know what I can do for you, you who have given me so much. Love, Courtney

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