We Could Be Pirates

You know that's one of my favorite quotes:

"..from time to time we had the feeling that if we lived and if we were very good, God might permit us to be pirates.."

Mark Twain

Nothing could be more true and more to the point in my life.

I live for that sentiment, that one and my grandfather's quote from the cabin fireplace mantel 

"life is too short to be little"

These are the phrases, the slogans, the inspirations of my life.

I'm going to look for a storefront office in this neighborhood where Tobi and I can walk each day, turn the key, and enter a pirate's world of creativity and secret splendor.

It'll be a pace for others to dream as well.

It'll be secret and special, with public hours only on Saturdays.

There'll be a small piano, guitars, a desk, four overstuffed chairs in a circle, a hutch along one wall to hold all sorts of treasures.

There'll be an old sewing machine in one corner that works, and some bolts of gorgeous fabrics.

There'll be a fridge for chilling the rosé.

On the public hours day, on Saturdays, there'll be heavenly homemade muffins and scones and maybe even a pie or two, to eat there or to take with you.

Only a handful of people at any one time.

People wearing masks for now, and hopefully eventually, not worrying any more.

By appointment consultations all during the week.

Consultations about home decorating, living a creative life, making a room of one's own out of whatever you've got.

Consultations in songwriting, in prose writing, in poetry, in essays.

Help with guitar playing or singing your song for the world.

On Tuesday evenings, a salon night, every week.

Six spots each week, for any artist to come sit in a circle and share what they're working on.

Discussion of each piece presented.

Extra space for two innocent bystanders who just want to be part of the fun as observers.

Candles lit. Sacred space prepared.

Beauty made manifest, freedom conjured.

I'm going to look at storefronts for rent in my neighborhood.

If you've hired me as a consultant in the past, and many of you have, you know that this space is a dream of mine for all of my adult life, and long before.

You know my story of how I set up an easel I got for Christmas in my bedroom and then charged all the kids in my neighborhood a quarter each to come over one day and have "art lessons" in my bedroom with me.

I had eight willing participants.

I demanded that my mother serve cookies and she did.

She demanded that everyone remove their shoes at her front door.

That class was some sort of first dream.

I handed out paper and drawing pencils and everyone learned how to draw a horse from my "How To Draw A Horse" book that came with the easel.

Everyone got to bring home their horse picture and I loved waving good bye from our front door and watching them all walk down our sidewalk with their horse pictures in hand.

My daughter Nina, and some of the authors we've read recently, refer to these positive memories as core desired feelings.

Core desired feelings around the storefront concept for me, to be sure.

Fear around it too.

For now, just going to look and see if maybe I could get a really good deal on a space.

Happy Memorial Weekend, whatever that looks like for you.

Love to all.


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