wade in the waters

It's very difficult to talk or write or sing about social justice.

You can tip toe along and still step in the dog poop.

You can run and shout and ring the bell of freedom and still be criticized for your rhetoric and fall on your face.

All you have is your brain inside your head, your one heart beating, your two eyes that peer out in curiosity, in fear, in bravery, in love, in longing.

You can try to be completely and utterly inoffensive.

Like a stone you can stand in your place and be silent.

The trees watch and say nothing, but at night they whisper among themselves.

But if you want to sing about what you witness, about what you feel, you have to find the right words.

I wrote a song last night and this morning, trying to talk about what is happening in Minneapolis.

The words feel strong and good, but I realize it's flawed because I am unable to express anything beyond what I know.

And what I know is not what others have seen, experienced.

It's a tricky deal.

I'm working on making meaningful music.

I hope I can do it.

I have to wade in and see what happens.

You can't stand on the shore.

You have to wade in and get your feet wet.

Love to all today!

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