volunteering, planning a trip to NYC with two daughters, eating out with Rob

My show for tonight got cancelled.

The venue is worried about rain and cold and rightly so.

They really can't afford to pay me my guarantee and have no one show up, better to cancel the day before.

I don't blame them.

The outdoor show thing is touch and go.

This venue wrote to me saying they're devising a plan for partially covered/partially heated space for live music for the winter.

Great news!

I hope more places are pondering this as well.

Last night Rob took me out on a date.

It's a date when Rob Genadek changes into nicer clothes, drives me in his car which he also cleaned.

It's a date when Rob makes a reservation at a real old time supper club, requesting a table for two near the outdoor stone fireplace on the back patio.

It's a date when we each have a glass of prosecco first and then split a bottle of the cabernet sauvignon.

It's really a date when I order the walleye dinner and he orders the New York strip steak and we share both.

It's a date when we split a piece of the New York cheesecake at the end.

It's a date when all we talk about the whole time is fun things that make us both happy to talk about, I don't even know what, like the dog and golfing and Taylor Swift's new album.

Lastly, it's a date when the bill comes and Rob just happily pays the whole thing himself.

So, yeah, I got to go on a fancy date last night and it was fun.

The restaurant has put up a big white tent over their patio so it's protected.

We went inside for a minute, just out of curiosity, because they were serving inside as well.

I didn't feel good in there at all.

They were being very careful with masks and cleaning and distancing of tables, but the inside had no open windows, no fresh air circulating.

I was so happy to sit out by the fire and sit in the open air.

I really had fun being bundled up in a big sweater and my velvet cape with the shearling collar, the one from my Open Road album photos.

It was a great night.

Rob can be a real charmer when he gets his groove on (smile face).

Next thing to say is that Ava Vaughn the wild middle child wants to go to New York with me and so does her big sister Nina Louisa, so I guess we're going!

The three Yasmineh women, back together again in NYC!

I will be on cloud nine if this happens.

We're still working on the details, but it would be awesome.

My other topic of the morning is that I've signed up for the volunteer training for a great organization in this area.

The Interfaith Outreach people have been running a food shelf and a variety of support systems for those in need for many years now.

I've met the founder many times, a great woman activist.

I've always admired their work and my kids all volunteered with their food shelf when they were teens because it was walking distance from our house at the time.

So, that should help me feel a little more tethered to the world again.

With shows ending and being cancelled, I have a sense of impending doom that I want to shake.

I know we all have it to some degree right now, especially Americans, especially with boarded up ruined buildings from the race riots, and smoky skies from the wild fires of the West coming to us.

America has been running or sheer greed for a long time and God and Mother Nature are serving up the big huge warning signs.

I want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

So my volunteer training ZOOM session is September 21st, which is also my mother's birthday.

I think this will be a positive way to spend that day, visiting my mom with a birthday gift and then doing the training.

October 1st we start my new album.

I'll have a new way to go forward in 2021 with new songs to sing, an updated message and look and sound.

I feel good about all of this.

My show today is cancelled, but I'm not cancelled!

I'm moving forward!

Happy Saturday!


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