two break through moments yesterday

Yesterday was a great day, not necessarily a Red Letter Day, but a pretty great day none the less.

I had two great break through things happen.

One was a financial break through, and that is possibly a red letter day.

The other was a writing break through, just as exciting to me.

Two fans and great supporters of me and my music and my overall vision offered to help me move into a new era with my finances.

They had read about my ongoing struggles with debt and having to make the minimum monthly payments on a massive amount of old debt.

As you know, once the Virus hit and I had no way to keep up with the monthly payments, I sought help from my bank.

The bank had no help for me, no pity, no mercy.

I finally went with a great bankruptcy lawyer, a young guy right here in our neighborhood with a little office on Longfellow Park.

My bankruptcy went through and will be final on July 8th.

To be clear, I had nothing to lose, literally.

The only thing I own in this world is my Jeep with 130,000 miles on it.

I had a huge debt, all from one bank, all from one divorce.

Now, I still have my car, but I have no debts.


The only company I owed was USBank, and the debts were old enough that in interest alone I'd paid them back once in full already over the past ten years.

So, I don't take this lightly, and as a turning sixty woman I certainly didn't want a bankruptcy on my financial record, but it was the right move at the right moment.

This is an unprecedented time, clearly, and for me this was the answer.

Okay, so the news is that yesterday my fans helped me set up my very first SOLVENCY savings account which will be my first effort towards having savings.



Words like that were a distant part of a secure past I gave up when I left a husband who couldn't understand, just couldn't.

Not his fault, nobody's fault.

I left and I ruined some years for my children and for him.

We've come out the other side of a painful time.

Lessons have been learned, hearts have mended and grown stronger.

How much money did I invest in this new account my fans made for me?

I sent them my first check to deposit for me in the amount of $1111.11.

We are all one, and the Holy Spirit knows what's up about this kind of thing.

The "all ones" amount is a sign.

It's a sign to me and to my heart.

To my brain it's a trigger, it says "The Holy Spirit is watching, is helping, is part of this effort today."

I don't care if you think that's crazy.

I saw a film clip of an interview with Prince a couple days ago on his birthday.

He was on a talk show and he said, "The music comes from God, I know that."


So does the money.


I used to say in interviews that I didn't need to be rich and famous, I would be happy with "appreciated and solvent, how about let's just try for that!"

My porch concerts are going great, last week was sold out and this week nearly is too.

Appreciated, yes.

Solvent, yes.

Oh my God.

Appreciated and solvent!


Well, damn, I'm only turning sixty next February.

We got time.

Let's go for rich and famous now after all!


So, the second thing yesterday was that my screenwriting efforts have turned a corner.

Last night at our weekly three hour ZOOM class, we read some new pages from my movie script.

I finally felt that I heard more positive affirmations than I heard constructive criticism.


I'm getting this.

The brilliant professor, David Lawrence Grant, whom I respect enormously, actually said that I'm getting it.

This is my second course.

I took the Spring course early this year on a scholarship.

Then they offered to extend my scholarship so I could take David's summer course.

I've been just doggedly writing pages of a story for each class session.

Each time I set down to work on my screenplay I feel nauseous.

It's so hard.

It's technical writing and it's unforgiving.

Blog writing for me is the opposite, as you see by this post and all others before it.

There's definitely a stylistic format here, but it came from me, by me, for me, so it's organic to the way it evolved.

The screenplay is a strict format unto itself.

Strict formats are generally not my bag.

The great thing is that I am forcing myself to conform.

And the conforming brings it's own gifts of personal growth and brain expansion.

I'm a bigger person for attempting to master the definitive art of screenplay writing.

And, I'm getting it!

Yesterday I officially hit the level called Starting To Get It.

So, all around, a day worth celebrating.

Today I have time for a bicycle ride around Lake Harriet, ten miles total.

I'm going to hammer out another song if possible.

I may drive to visit on a friend's porch tonight.

I will for sure take Tobi Toberson the Mayor of Toberville for his walk.

And I get to have lunch on our patio with Rob.

Have a great day friends.

Love and gratitude.


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