trio show at the Finnish Bistro today 6:30-830!

Trio show today in the Twin Cities, at the Finnish Bistro, which is apparently technically St. Paul, but is centrally located, so hopefully everyone from every corner of the Twin Cities will come to the show!

I drove eight hours round trip yesterday for the radio show, so today it's nice that my venue is only about two miles from my house.

This morning I'm going for a run on the river path that follows the Great Mississippi for several miles through it's steeply wooded banks.

I'm psyched.

I also plan to go to the post office and mail out cds to three people who have requested them and sent me money for cd and postage.

At 2:15 I'm getting my Jeep checked out at the dealership where I've always taken it since I bought it brand new with my divorce money in 2011. I'm getting the oil changed and they're going to help me decide if I can take it on this big road trip I start on Monday.

There's a place called the Nickel City Arts Center in Akron, NY near Buffalo and Rochester.

I've been invited to stay in their artist's quarters above the center for the week while I go around playing some shows.

I'll be on the radio at least once if not a few times in their area and I have a feature on a songwriter circle series on the Thursday.

On Saturday night I'll be opening for a group of guys who are all songwriters and lso have a fun band together and we're playing The Abilene owned by Danny Deutch who is an awesome character.

Next Sunday I'll play a final solo concert at the art center in the early evening.

I hope to make some new fans, get people excited about my new album, and make some money too.

Hopefully the guys at the car place today will not recommend that I rent a car.

I look forward to reuniting with Rob and JJ today to play the songs through once again.

All in all, things are rolling along.

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