touring solo on a shoestring budget and getting big rewards

Last night I played with other songwriters in the round.

Everyone talked about making the decision to be a full time musician and writer.

Everyone said they see it as a struggle to make money but that they don't want any other job.

One woman also teaches songwriting at a private college.

Another man makes most of his money as a free lance photographer, and he and his wife are reaching retirement age.

One guy, the quite excellent songwriter and performer who is the monthly host of the series, is already booked to play a show in Minneapolis a year from now in September.

That guy plays 130 shows a year.

All over America.

He also works part time at a guitar store.

I felt like we could all relate to each other pretty well.

I loved being part of it.

Also it was interesting to me that their songwriting styles and their deliveries were different enough from mine that I saw myself in stark relief.

But each of their songwriting styles was quite unique and separate from the others as well.

When people tell me I remind them of Alanis Morissette I don't see it.

Last night, I felt like I was a lot like Alanis Morissette.

I felt like I was edgy.

Definitely edgy.

Like, in my songwriting and my vocal delivery.

That's okay.

I usually feel sort of sentimental and folky these days, so this was a new take on it all.

Today I play a longer solo afternoon show starting at 1:30pm at the Daily Planet Coffeehouse in Buffalo, New York.

I've played there before and I love it.

Hopefully some people will be there to listen.

Tonight I get to take a long walk and then go to bed early back at the art center.

This is all working out just fine.

I would do it all again.

The rental car was a super great move.

Even if I have a hard time paying it off, it was worth it.

Good luck and good fortune to you today.


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