Today 6:30-8:30pm at The Finnish Bistro Album Release Party!

Today is our party 6:30-8:30pm at The Finnish Bistro in Minneapolis, sort of half way between Minneapolis and St. Paul in the beautiful little village of St. Anthony. Come early and walk around the little shops. It's very charming. Quite European in feeling.

Rob G and I are going to play the whole album through live, start to finish.

It's going to be really fun.

We'll have the new t shirts that I'm so excited about.

And the cd with the booklet that you can only get with the cd.

We'll be celebrating the whole journey of how we lost the first set of recordings, how we decided to try again, how this came to be such a shared effort, with Magic Marc Percansky stepping forward with encouragement and support, believing that this project should be completed. If it weren't for Magic Marc, this would never have happened, and I would not be the happy person I am today.

I have experienced already a true shift in my outlook as a result of this project.

Many things have taken place that have allowed the impossible dream to become a reality.

In the fundraiser I did on Facebook yesterday I promised to write up a full cost breakdown of all that went into this project.

Well, I don't feel like getting too literal, but let's see what I can come up with here:

Rob and I worked on it last summer: $0

Hard drive crashed and we tried to fix with Marc's support: $500

Nina and I went on the road to Santa Fe and shot the cover art and music videos and Marc helped pay Nina: $2500

Rob worked his ass off for the whole summer and Marc helped cover costs: $1000

Marc secured licensing for the cover tunes: $2000

Artwork with Jon Hunt should be several thousand but he charged me very little because he's so awesome: $200

500 CDs: $1700

t shirts: $350

plane tickets for three: $2400

Rental car Europe: $1000

Posters: $100

PA System: $200

Well, I don't even know if this is close, but this adds up to like $12,000.00.

I think it takes at least twenty thousand dollars to roll out a real record these days.

A big piece that's missing from this list is the real cost of studio time and Rob Genadek's producing fees.

That would be at least $10,000.00 for the work he did.

In this case, I didn't write these songs, and Rob and I both wanted this record to happen, so Rob offered to go in on this as half owner of the album, which is not usually the arrangement. Usually Rob gets paid straight up by me for his work and I own my records outright and solely. This time Marc has a percentage for all his effort and hard work, and Rob and I each have half of the rest.

One more piece that's missing is the PR work that Marc Percansky is helping with, which would be another $1000 at least.

So, why bring this all up?

Well, yesterday, on facebook, some asshole...oops I mean...a person I don't know personally.....decided to weigh in on my fundraising effort.

The person said that I should fund my own fucking trip to Europe.

He said I should get contracts and be paid retainers up front for my gigs and pay for my tour with that.

He said that if the retainers aren't enough then maybe I need to think about what that says after my going on twelve prior Europe tours in the past ten years.

Oh okay, asshole, I said to myself, let's talk about this.

So I answered him, saying, what would you have me do? You want me to quit? How does that serve humanity? What do you care? I feel I'm closer than ever to achieving sustainability. I've given every cent and every cent more of every bit of credit I could get from my bank. I've crossed the goddamn ocean on the fucking Mayflower for this dream and I can see the farther shore. I can't turn back now for I would surely perish. Get off of my cloud.

I didn't actually say most of this and I didn't call him names but he disappeared completely, without a trace and took his comments with him.

But I swear that guy did me a huge favor because some of my fans saw his crap and it galvanized the effort.

We made the $1500.00 I was asking for in 36 hours.

It wasn't a huge fundraiser, but that money, which doesn't get deposited in my bank for another ten days and after $50 in facebook fees, that money will get us from Minneapolis to Frankfurt and into a rental vehicle and to the first gig where we can start making some dough.

It is very scary to get on a plane with two grown men depending on you and have your credit card maxed out and your bank account empty. I've done it and it sucks.

This time, I'll have a cushion of about $300 after I pay for the rental car and the security deposit. But I get the deposit back at the end of the tour, and that will help me sort things out, like the international phone plan and paying for the wifi hotspot for the vehicle at the end.

I'm telling you, that guy who said I should get retainers or I should stay home, that guy has obviously not walked a mile in my shoes.

My Europe fans are chuckling I'm sure, knowing as they do, that the way I get paid right now at gigs is mostly a pass the hat situation where the club promises nothing and I pray to God that people show up.

That's my reality.

So be it.

I see my light come shining from the West down to the East.

Any day now, any day now, I shall be released.

Come to the party today!

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