thunder this morning

It's thundering at 7am this morning.

I guess the big bicycle ride around Lake Harriet isn't going to happen for me right now.

That's okay.

I've really been working hard on getting back my "bikini body", as one might say in a moment of optimism.

I have a bikini I've been wearing for at least ten years now, made of a woven Native American pattern cotton with decorative beads strung from the ties.

I love it so much, so much in fact, that I cannot allow my body to fall into a state of disrepair that would make the wearing of the bikini a folly.

For some reason the Springtime Corona Virus Saga set my body back a bit.

I came into June feeling lethargic and weighed down.

It's taken diligent bicycle riding and walking and jogging, plus some yoga, to get back on track.

This morning I feel nearly back to the body I like best.

With my sixtieth birthday less than half a year away I consider myself lucky to be alive and even luckier to be in touch again with my best body image.

It's really easy to lose that, it can slip away and you wake up one morning feeling ten years older, and maybe looking ten years older, than you really are.

I've given birth to babies three times in my life.

Each time, you have to be vigilant to bring your ravaged physique back to pre-pregnancy glory.

I think now that each Spring, after a winter in Minnesota, is almost the same sort of rebuilding effort.

As an added incentive this year, I bought a new bikini.

You may remember if you've been reading my posts, that about a month ago I bought a sleek looking high waisted two piece in a luscious shade of tangerine.


I'm going to wear that one when I need to look presentable in a bathing suit this summer, like at a public beach or at someone's cabin.

The beaded one that's just a few triangles sewn together with beads and string is for the backyard or the Northwoods campsite with Rob.

But what a joy to be feeling like I can move freely and with confidence out in the summer sun in a bathing suit.

All the effort has paid off.

Alcohol and food intake play the obvious role here as well.

I once saw an interview with Meryl Streep where she was explaining that the key to getting in shape for a movie role for her was all about cutting out the wine.

No wine for a few weeks or months to get in shape.

She said the wine makes her puffy and the wine makes her eat more (when she's drinking the wine).

Yes, Meryl, I understand this.

So, you know, I like wine with dinner, or with an al fresco summer lunch, or possibly a mimosa with an omelette at the late morning brunch.

I usually drink a couple of glasses each day on tour, a glass setting up the show and a glass after the performance.

I have beloved fans who help me stick to this two glass limit.

They bring me big glasses of ice water instead of buying me another glass of wine.

It's true.

During The Springtime Quarantine there was little alcohol consumed at our house.

We were all either sick or recovering and nobody was in the mood.

In the month of May and into June though we drank a lot of wine, it seems to me, maybe because we were celebrating being well again.

Right now if I have alcohol at all I'm mostly drinking the $6.99 vino verde splashed over a glass filled with ice cubes.

It's a great way to keep the alcohol intake to a minimum but still feel like you're having all the fun without the deprivation.

I'm not good with deprivation of any kind.

Eating more vegetarian meals and drinking small quantities of very light alcohol is working for me.

Add in drinking a lot of water, many glasses of water throughout the day and evening.

And then the hours of activity; hours on the bicycle, hours walking the dog.

I'm pretty happy right now.

This is earned happiness.

Diligence about love, diligence about creativity, diligence about finances, diligence about wellness.

There's an expression that says something about how you have the face you deserve after fifty.

Harsh but true.

At sixty, I'm planning to be smiling!

Love and Good Health to you today!



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