This Blog Is Paused Until The New Album Is Written

Okay friends and lovers,

this daily message in a bottle is pausing starting today.

I have to turn off all the other spigots to get the water pressure up on my songwriting.

No more fucking around.

The summer's gonna be over and my songs won't be done and that'll just be stupid.

You can reach me at any time.

You can send a message on this website on the "Contact Courtney" page.

You can check in with me on social media.

As far as social media goes, I'm going to promote each live show as it comes up, like I always do.

The first one is at Harriet Brassiere in Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis this Thursday 6-8pm.

Next weekend there are two winery shows worth driving to.

I'll update my calendar this morning and keep it up to date here.

If I decide to do a front porch concert it'll be in September, not August.

I'll write here before I do anything like that.

Have a beautiful last month of full on summer.

If you'd like to schedule an outdoor concert at your home, write to me, again,

I have many good songs to finish.

It's not an inspiration issue.

It's a buckle down and concentrate issue.

I'll miss this blog a lot.

And that's a good thing.

Love from the sumptuous verdant green summertime that is Minneapolis right now.

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  • Petra Schmidt
    Petra Schmidt Bremen
    Ok Courtney! Good luck with finishing your songs and your album.

    Ok Courtney! Good luck with finishing your songs and your album.

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