Thinking of what more to say for the new album

I listened to Taylor Swift's new album all the way home, over and over from Ely yesterday.

It's been the number one album on the Rolling Stone album chart for six straight weeks which is a record for them and her.

The album is mature and serious and sober.

Brilliant in lyrical value, emotional depth, and musical orchestration.

It's a triumph in our time.

No man or woman has ever composed a popular music album that's more brilliant.

There, I said it.

Take that, haters.

Can a thirty year old girl/woman do that?

Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Steven Stills, Cat Stevens, who else?

All your heroes did it in their twenties and thirties, why can't Taylor?

It's her eighth album, but one of the very first that she's produced and distributed herself.

No crotchety old record label executive with dirty old man ideas about what the world wants to hear from a female artist.

She has laid her soul plane to the world and when you do that you have the Holy Spirit at your back and the world rises up to honor what you've co-created.

That's just how the world works.

Listen to it all the way through before you judge.

Read the lyrics off the internet or buy the cd like I did and read the booklet.


So, for me, this means that there is something for this mother of three who's been divorced twice, who lives with a man now, who's tried to succeed with her music for many years now.

There is something to be learned, something to be gained.

I don't feel discouraged by Taylor's triumph, I feel inspired.

For one thing, the new album isn't pitching her as a fashion icon or a sex symbol.

She doesn't really look like anything more than a down to Earth songwriter girl from middle America.

For another thing, she isn't trying to cheer you up.

Katy Perry has a new record too, and you aren't going to hear me praising it.

Katy seems to want to cheer you up.

I don't want to be cheered up.

Taylor is inspiring me to swing for the fences.

If the key to winning at songwriting and album making is to get real, then I'm all in.

So today I'm taking stock of what real stuff I'm saying in my new album and how can I get more real about what I know of my experience in the world.

My goal is to keep laying my soul out plainly so others can get some relief in their own emotional journey right now.

That's what Taylor did for me on the way home yesterday.

I was wiping my eyes so much I kept thinking I needed to put on the windshield wipers, and then I'd realize it was me crying to Taylor's songs.

That's the gold standard in my world.

Make them feel even if they don't want to.

Not a dry eye in the place.

It's good for you to feel.

Have a great day.

Remember what you came here for.


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