the world is a safe place and I trust myself and my God

The world is a safe place and I trust myself and my God to guide me.

Say that ten times in the mirror.

Every morning.

And see what it does for you.

Why not?

It can't hurt.

What have you got to lose?

I am being shown lessons every day that are miraculous.

Why are these coincidences happening daily?

They're happening as a thumb's up from the Universe.

They're the "you got this" message.

Don't get hung up on what the symbolism is.

Don't get hung up on it like it's a for sure message.

Just feel glad.

My son Jordan called me to tell me that he's suddenly feeling very strongly that he should apply for graduate school in art and design at the University of Minnesota, and come home from California for a while.

He was sitting on a bench in Laguna Beach with his longtime girlfriend Grace when they decided to call me and tell me of this revelation.

Just as he finished telling me, he said, "Grace, look at that! Mom, I have to hang up, I'll call you back!"

I wondered what had happened and I hoped everything was okay.

He called back about ten minutes later and said, "Mom, you'll never believe what just happened. When I was telling you just now about my idea to go to the U of M, I suddenly saw this couple walking by in front of us and as they walked past the woman pulled off her sweatshirt and she was wearing a University of Minnesota t shirt! Can you believe that? It's a sign! So I ran over to them and I said hi and said I was from Minnesota and just wondered why she had a U of M shirt and they said they are both professors at the U of M! So I told them I was just calling my mom and telling her I am going to apply to go to grad school there and they both said it was a sign and they said 'okay well see you next Fall because this is obviously meant to be'. And we all agreed."

He and Grace and I all marveled over this event.

These signs are real.

They aren't just a coincidence.

They're small miracles.

Last night I had a long leisurely dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, a little bohemian style French cuisine place called Barbette, with one of my favorite people.

This woman keeps me going, literally and figuratively.

She became my self appointed guardian angel many years ago and I struggle to comprehend the immensity of her kindness and generosity, but even more I try to understand how she understands me so well.

I don't understand it, but I'm so grateful to her.

She knows that my journey now is uncharted and that I have no clear destination or clear plan for a strong finish.

It's just sort of a long winding road roughly headed toward Happiness and eventually toward the Grave with a general hope of some kind of Eternal Life or Reincarnation.

How's that for a mission statement?

Well, that's mine.

You can borrow it if you'd like.

The dinner was a delicious unfolding of all that has transpired in the past two months since I saw her last.

I got to tell about some highlights of my time in Europe and my time in Upstate New York.

I got to tell about what's sold out on my merch table right now.

She helped me think about my relationships with my loved ones.

She helped me think about a plan to replenish my merchandise.

She helped me think about my real reason for being and my real sense of who I am.

We sat and ordered small plates and large for several hours, from four until eight in the evening.

We had a bottle of Sancerre, which of course, is my very favorite.

We had the mussels, the scallops, the salmon, the salad, the pomme frites.

We had the carrot cake too, which was one large piece we shared, but we couldn't finish it because we were stuffed by then.

It was a feast for the soul in every way.

There aren't that many people ever in your life who can be this person for you.

When you find someone who loves you enough to be excited to sit at a table with you for hours, you have found true friendship.

As we left she made a plan to help me replenish the merch that's out of print.

Without her help, I wouldn't have a lot of what I have to sell.

It's a gift that keeps on giving because it provides the recordings and writings for people and it gives me the cash to put some gas in my tank and keep moving forward, keep sharing my music and my stories.

We agreed last night we don't know where it's headed but we do believe in pursuing some general sense of success and that is happening.

So, a hearty thanks to my guardian angel on this Earth, and a wish to you dear reader, that you keep on and keep on believing.



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