The Turf Club rocked last night

Rock goddess on duty.

Hell yeah.

I lived up to my hashtag #rockgoddessonduty last night.

For one thing, it was loud as F up there.

My ears are telling me this morning that it was certainly a rock show we were playing.

We were loud and Tina and her B Sides were LOUDER.

If you like LOUD you shoulda been there.

If LOUD is not your thing, come see me play solo at the St. Croix Vineyard today from 1-4pm.

Playing a real rock club with real rock sound is an experience that cannot be underestimated.

It has an energy all it's own.

Rock music has fierce energy.

You get up there and you just want to yell instead of sing, you just want to hit those drums so hard, you just want to lift your guitar up over your head and smash it until it's in a million slivered pieces.

It's primal and invisible but it's real.

We rose to the occasion last night.

We had to.

A stage like that is like rock hard or die.

You feel it.

Rob and JJ are both rockers by nature and have both played in rock bands all their lives.

Me, the only rock band I've ever played in is my own.

That reminds me, a neighbor who lives near Rob came out to the street and watched me loading up guitars for a show, as I do almost every day these days.

He's probably been noticing I do that a lot.

He said, "You must be in a band, huh?"

I said, "I am a band."

I am a band.

Last night Courtney Yasmineh was a band and I loved it.

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