the street shows teach so much

The street shows teach me a lot about others and about myself.

I want to be useful and I want to help others.

I want to play my guitar and sing.

I like these street shows sponsored by the Downtown Improvement District because I can do both.

I see on the city streets, passing me as I stand and sing, all levels of success and thriving, all levels of despair and striving, or failing.

Some of the least thriving are the most appreciative of my contribution.

I'm standing with my microphone, my guitar, my tip jar, my CDs, my stickers laid out that people can take.

People are walking by briskly going about their workday, or people are hanging around, loitering, doing very little, seeming forlorn or aimless.

Some of the prosperous looking people stop and listen to songs.

Some of the hardworking people stop and listen to songs.

Some of the loitering people gather near.

Some of the struggling people come closer and stay.

Yesterday I watched a man coming straight across the street towards me, making a bee line straight for me, but very slowly, with great effort because he had a severe curvature to his back and was nearly doubled over and obviously in great pain.

He was holding his head up by what seemed an enormous effort.

His eyes were focused right on me.

I was singing a song, but my mind was racing. Does this guy need help?

Is he coming towards me to ask me to help him?

Maybe I'll have to call someone to get help for him.

He came straight up to me. I kept singing.

He got right up, closer to me than my microphone stand, and he leaned his head in to me.

He opened his mouth, and as I was still singing, he said, "Father And Son, Cat Stevens, one of my favorites, thank you."

He dropped a dollar in my tip jar.

Then he turned and hobbled away.

There it is folks.

I have no idea what is going on with the people I encounter, clearly, I have absolutely no idea.

No one should be dismissed or disregarded, not by you or by me.

There is much to connect over, and for me it's the songs.


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