the street shows are helping me be helpful

There are so many shows now!

I had that weird sensation of not having a brake pedal on my life yesterday.

Not complaining!

If you have that feeling, I think it means things are moving forward quickly and I want that!

Three more gigs I had applied for came in and they're all in the next three weeks, one of them is tomorrow afternoon.

I'm doing one of them, that was already scheduled, today too.

These are all part of the downtown improvement organizations in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

This is a cause I can personally one hundred percent get behind.

I see all the unused and abandoned storefronts in the two downtowns and it really affects me.

Why ruin more of our landscape in America with new development when we have wide swaths of built up urban areas that are languishing?

Why create more car-dependent communities where the kids are trapped at their houses until they learn how to drive and get themselves a car?

I love the idea of people living in places where they can get everything they need on foot within a mile in any direction of their home.

That's small town life, that's city life.

I saw baby ducks follow their mother out into oncoming traffic. They all were run over. It was awful. One of the worst things I've ever witnessed in my luckily fairly sheltered life.

Mother Nature doesn't need any more of our encroachment.

We can use the urban and small town clusters of development we've already created and make them fun and cool and livable.

We don't need to keep breaking new ground.

Also there are so many disenfranchised people wading around without direction, without support like the wild ducks who met with disaster, on the streets of these neglected urban areas.

They're begging for money. They're sitting on the sidewalk strung out on God knows what.

I can honestly tell you that I think it's really grand to take people like me...cheerful well meaning creative people with a message of hope and love....and stand them up out on the street corners and have them sing to the people.

I love it and I do it gladly and proudly.

It helps that they pay me $100 every time I do it.

But all the money in the world can't replace the feeling I get doing it.

When I finish my singing, I always give away some of the tip money I made to the people begging in doorways who I pass on the way back to the train.

I think that's good karma.

I walk with my guitar on my back to the train station and take the train both ways to get downtown. I love that too.

If you want to be happy you are supposed to switch your mindset from "what's in this for me?" to "what can I do to help?".

These street shows are helping me be helpful.

Today I'm on Nicollet Mall 11:30-1:30. Tomorrow I'm on Hennepin Ave. from 11-1pm.

See you soon, downtown Minneapolis!


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