the puppy slept all night...and more...

The most important thing is that the puppy slept all night.

He sleeps on my bed.

That's how I want it to be.

But ideally he would sleep uninterrupted the whole night.

And now he's achieved that.

We've only had him since Sunday so that's pretty great, since it was only Wednesday night.

I went to bed at like nine because I'm so tired because of the puppy.

But Rob usually comes in very late from his studio work, and instead Rob slept at the studio on the big leather sofa so that I could see if the puppy can sleep all night.

And he did!

Nine at night to six-thirty in the morning.

Fine by me, that's my favorite time frame.

I love to get up early and drink a hot cup of some fabulous chocolate-y coffee concoction and write.

I love to write, as you are probably well aware.

Writing and performing and puppies.

Bicycles and cute old houses.

Scruffy kind men and respectful open hearted children.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Yesterday I made one of my favorite cocktail hour treats.

The grav lox style salmon was on sale at my favorite grocery store.

So I made little cracked pepper water crackers piled with a smear of cream cheese, a slice of salmon, snips of fresh dill and fresh chives, and a dollop of hot pepper peach preserves which are actually spicy.

Oh my God, it's one of my favorite little delicacies, on a footed glass plate of course, and served with the pretty darn cheap french Rosé with the cute red chickens on the label.

There's a bit of a high-low food war happening now that Rob has moved his mixing suite space to the back garage on this property.

Yesterday he came in and made himself a grilled cheese sandwich with "American" cheese (which really means cheap crappy somewhat cheese product).

Nina came in and made roasted Brussels sprouts and cauliflower in the oven with garlic and olive oil.

Then I came in and assembled the salmon treats on crackers.


Well, as long as everybody's happy I guess.

I have given up on being the Mom of any household.

I'm a free agent now.

I make whatever I can afford and whatever sounds good to me and I only do that when I feel like it which might be like once a week.

Most of the time I just sort of coast along eating what's offered to me or getting by on yogurt and fruit.

I'd rather be thinner right now anyway so I feel great for my up coming performances.

Today I'll take the puppy for a long walk, I'll mail out CDs that have been requested by radio stations writing to my website...isn't that great?

I'll call about getting the puppy neutered.

I'll write one more handwritten small book for someone special, whoever that might be in the world.

And then I get to go out for happy hour with a favorite writer friend who's taking me out for my birthday's taken us a while to get a date that works for us both.

Life is grand.

Make sure yours is too.

You know it's yours to create as you best envision.

That's the goal.

Stay alive, stay healthy, and make each day great.

I'm here to tell you, a puppy will really take it up a notch for you.

Instant joy.

All the success in the world doesn't make me smile when I wake up in the morning the way a puppy does.

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