The Parkway show bought the dog!

Last night at the sold out Parkway Theater show, the show where I opened for the Harold And Maude movie, I made enough money to buy the puppy I want.

Yes, I decided on a puppy.

I went back to see him yesterday and I was very impressed.

He is the last of a litter of Shitzu Poodles, which is exactly what Aidan was.

But these parents are larger than Aidan by quite a bit.

This little boy puppy has been living in a nice little situation with his Hispanic human parents who I now understand to be very kind and competent dog lovers.

He has also been with his real parents this whole time.

He's been kept separate for a while now, they told me, to help him adjust for when he is finally bought.

He has been sleeping in the son's room in a crate at night, but they all said he cries a lot for the parents.

Well, life is rough all around I guess, and even this darling little puppy who has had it great for his first thirteen weeks of life, is now going to come home with me and get his life turned upside down.

He's bi-lingual now, but I won't be able to speak Spanish with him going forward which is unfortunate.

Also, he's all black with a white star on his chest.

But his hair will change to grey and white like his parents, probably.

So, many changes ahead for all of us, right?

Nina (my oldest daughter who's living with Rob Genadek the brilliant music producer and me for people just joining this blog) called this one early on.

When we all visited this puppy two nights ago, I was not impressed.

He ran around the whole time like a goof.

He had his parents there and his Hispanic parents, and then all three of us walked into their tiny living room and all eyes were on him, and he just lost his mind completely, ran around like his tail was on fire.

But, when we left, and I was saying he was too goofy for me, Nina quietly said from the back seat, "If it was going to be my dog, I'd get him. He is so happy and so much fun. I'd name him Toby."

So yesterday I thought about it all some more and I contacted the family again and drove out to see them again.

I sat in the kitchen, the mother was cooking a delicious dinner.

She had a little gate up and the puppy and I played on the kitchen floor while she cooked and talked with me.

She said she could tell I loved dogs the way she does.

That meant a lot to me.

When ever she would speak to the puppy, he would stop what he was doing and look at her.

If she kept talking he would sit down and face her.

I was impressed.

And he brought me all kinds of toys and wanted me to play with him.

She brought us outside and she showed me how he knows to pee right away.

He's already bigger than Aidan was and he seems so sturdy.

The cold weather didn't bother him at all and he doesn't shiver the way all the little dogs usually do, but he's not that little.

So, anyway, I gave them some of my CDs because they said they love guitar music and I told them I play guitar and sing and they liked that.

I went home and I decided to just get it over with and get this puppy so I can get on with my life and stop looking at puppies all the time.

And like I said yesterday, I only get to pick out a new dog a very few times in my whole life and I'm going for it.

I know we should all adopt the dogs in the shelters, and that nobody should be allowing any dogs to make more puppies.

I get it.

But I gave birth to three children too, even though I knew there were all these orphaned children all over the world that needed to be adopted.

I'm going for the pure experience in my one selfish little life.

I offered them $350 even though the ad we answered said they wanted $500.

But they said I'm a good dog person so they gave me the starving artist puppy deal.

We're going back to get him on Sunday evening at 7pm.

I told my audience last night that I want to buy a puppy on Sunday and I needed to sell merch to get the cash.

And guess what?

We did it!

I was only paid $150 for my performance, which is a rip off because the show was sold out, I mean, I tried to get a percentage of the door but they wouldn't go for that, they said they always pay that same amount for the film and music series, but I don't know how often it sells out completely, and I don't know how much that had to do with me being on the bill.

Anyway, I made $350 almost exactly in merch sales.

Isn't that just serendipitous?

So I have the cash for the puppy for Sunday night.

Tomorrow I drive around playing two live in studio radio performances.

One is at my alma mater, Macalester College on their college radio station.

The other is in Braham, MN on KBEKfm.

I'm feeling a lot of promise in all this.

And now, a puppy!



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