the future is bright

I know there's a lot of strange sad shit happening, but I have a strong feeling that the future is bright.

If we humans can heed all the warnings that God and Mother Nature are throwing in our faces, we can reach new heights of happiness for all.

I believe this.

I had a dream last night and when I woke up around 7 am I said to myself, "Wait, what was that dream about? that was an important dream."

I answered myself, "Basically, everybody was getting everything they wanted."

In my dream we were all, I guess we meaning my family and friends and fans and supporters, we were all getting to do and have all the nice dreamy stuff we ever wanted to do and have, like we were in a utopian glow of beauty and happiness.

We were playing music, and riding bicycles, and we were all joyful and we all had meaningful roles and meaningful exchanges and there was a lovely glow over everything.

Ridiculous but true, and beyond all that, I actually feel this way a lot of the time when I'm awake now.

I do.

Like damn we got a good thing going.

I think we're coming into a much better revised new way of thinking.

The people I know on social media are so much more concerned with Humanity as a whole than they were before.

People used to post a bunch of crap about food and bands and petty complaints.

Now, just think, they're posting things about social justice and making the world a better place,saving lives, remaking our society.

The Americans have become aware that the country has to be run by the will of the people and that if the "good" people don't get a united voice going, the "bad" people will.

I love it that I'm seeing so many people step forward on the side of fairness, concern for the planet and all creatures, compassion for others.

What a beautiful transformation we can have now!

I'm so happy to be alive right now.

I really hope I can continue to be part of the solution.

I have learned so much personally about unconditional love.

I was not kind and I'm being kind now.

If I can change we al can change.

I'm a self centered egomaniac when I'm left unchecked.

I'm learning to check myself for these bad habits every day all day.

If I can change we all can change.

And we are changing for the better, each and every one of us.

We're being educated by the greatest educator of all, the Holy Spirit, who shows us the warnings and the encouragements through mystic signs in everyday life.

I believe that sentence.

I'm watching, I'm obeying, and it's working for me.

We have a lot to look forward to.

Today I'm going to take Tobi for his long walk right now because it's gonna be hot outside.

Rob ended up putting a small air conditioning unit into the window in my office/guest room yesterday afternoon.

I was so hot after my bike ride I was perishing.

He saved the day and saved the rest of the summer.

Stay cool, be cool, coolness rules.


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