the front porch at Christmastime

I rose above my money fear yesterday and went to a plant nursery and bought a big wonderful wreath and pine garlands for Rob's front porch.

I've envisioned his porch this way since I've known him, but I've never been invested enough in being here to go all out on the Christmas decorating.

This year, yesterday, I suddenly knew it had to happen.

I had to do it.

I have a show this Friday that has a very good guarantee of pay, so I decided to go for it.

I love the way it turned out and it gives me the feeling I want to have.

This is the house I want to be living in at Christmastime!

You drive up and you can just see the Spirit of Christmas.

It was Rob's birthday yesterday and when he got home last night he got to see his house all decked out for the holidays.

Rob, the man who never married, who never had children, whose parents are both long dead now.

He has never had such a wonderful cozy home life since he was a child with six brothers and sisters and his happily married parents.

The pictures of his family Christmases are very festive and jolly.

Nina my oldest daughter coming here to live with us has turned out to be so uplifting to us both.

When you have a young person in your home with you there's just so much more motivation to be at your very best.

I want to be a good example to her of what she can be when she's my age.

I want to give her a fun welcoming environment.

I want her to feel happy to be here.

Decorating the front porch really makes a difference.

I'm picturing my son coming home on Wednesday this week and getting dropped off in front of the house and feeling like he has come to a wonderful special place for the holidays.

He's coming from beautiful Laguna Beach, California, so Rob's little working class neighborhood in Minnesota can look bleak by comparison, I know.

But to come to this cheery house with the fresh pine boughs and white lights on the big white washed front porch will be a real homecoming.

I'm happy I did it.

The whole neighborhood benefits from someone taking extra care of their home.

I see this now.

What a great feeling.

Worth every penny and every ounce of courage it took to make it happen.

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