the Abilene show last night was awesome



Last night's show was so rewarding.

Mostly, I did a good job.

I have my voice back like 89% from being sick on the last show in Germany.

I've been trying to get it back over these couple weeks, but I've had to keep singing and haven't been able to take like a week or two off to let it heal.

I probably didn't hurt my vocal chords, really, but the shows that I sing when I'm hoarse are certainly not good for my overall vocal health.

It's the occupational hazard.

You get sick more easily because you're traveling so much and meeting so many people, and hugging so many people, and sleeping in every type of slightly substandard to very substandard situation.

You'd get sick too, I swear to God.

I carry an antibiotic "Z pack" in my suitcase prescribed by my asthma doctor.

I try to use that once a year at most.

If I get through a whole year of touring right now without using it, it's a very good year.

I used it about two weeks ago, right when I got back to the US.

I knew I was heading right back out, solo, on this Upstate New York run.

And I knew that this was six concerts, six nights in a row.

And especially when you're playing solo, there's nowhere to hide in the music.

You just gotta sing it.

Well, last night was supreme in a lot of ways.

Some long time fans made the trek from where ever they live in this region.

The band I was opening for were a group of great older guys who are all longtime songwriters and longtime performers in the region.

Lots of people came to see them.

Their fans were truly interested in what I was doing too, and the noisy bar was silent for my set.


Fucking awesome.

Then so many people lined up at my little merch table and bought me out of the rest of my t shirts and my High Priestess album, my handwritten books.

Luckily I have a lot of the new cover tunes album "Songs From The Open Road", because I have a full length concert today and another house concert tomorrow in Jamestown.

I will have to print new cds of "High Priestess And The Renegade" when I get home.

And I'm going to make more t shirts!

This coming Tuesday morning, after my last show in Jamestown, my idea is to wake up very early....the Jamestown crowd are putting me up in a hotel in their town for the I plan to check out early and hit the road.

If I can, I'm going to try to avoid another bad night sleep in a shitty cheap hotel.

The better on-the-road hotels are like $120 a night.

I need that money to get caught up with things like my phone bill and printing t shirts when I get home to Minneapolis.

So I'm going to attempt the 14-16 hour drive (depending on how few stops you make) all in one day with no overnight stay.

We'll see if I can do it.

I could also pull into a truck stop and just sleep in the car for a couple hours and then finish.

We'll see.

Two more concerts here first though.

Look at this picture of me taken last night by Ken Columbo.

This picture is great to me.

I felt like I was really concentrating and delivering the goods last night.

I felt like a bad ass.

I felt like the real me.

That feeling is worth all the struggle.




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