tenderhearted people

There's a lot of tenderhearted people in the world


They're putting up hospitals in Central Park

Looks just like the Civil War

And what I wouldn't give

to be on the front lines

Like a regular Florence Nightengale

I want to let it shine

there's a lot of tenderhearted people in the world


Save those broken hearted lovers from themselves

Keep the fearful from going off alone to their watery grave

Give a smile or a prayer or a wink of an eye

to the few who may walk out one morning

on their own two feet

to the few who won't die


I want to drive to New York City

tomorrow morning

pack up my guitar and a change or two of clothes

Bring my dog Tobi, cause nothing they got can hurt him

Bring the dog food and some bread and some wine


I want to be the Florence of our time


Tell the weak that God is coming

Tell the weary that Jesus cares

Ask the ones who speak to tell me who to write to 

And I'll send a message by pigeon or by freight

By the mighty wings of progress 

on the telephone

by the slate

either way I'll help them tell the ones they love

how much they love them


There's a lot of tender people

 with hearts that shine

people who can walk a hundred miles

for the good of the world

or for one single lovely rose

there's a lot of tenderhearted people in the world


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