switching over to new website host today and tomorrow


I have to switch my entire website over to a new Bandzoogle hosting site today and tomorrow because CDBaby no longer offers this service. 

My website turns into a pumpkin at midnight Feb first. 

I've been dreading this. 

One serendipitous occurrence at the Folk Alliance conference was that I stumbled upon the booth for the Bandzoogle company. 

A nice young woman spent a considerable amount of time walking me through the many many steps that I'll have to take today and tomorrow to make this transition a success for my website. 

One thing is that I don't want to lose my blog and I don't want to lose the past three years of dates on my calendar. 

Or the photos, or the videos. 

Or, any of it. 


Pray for my skills to be good enough to complete this. 


What do you have to do that's hanging over your head? 

Whatever it is, just do it today and get it over with. 

I got up at 6:30am, I made myself a mocha coffee with baker's cocoa and sugar and whole milk and dark roast coffee. 

I also ate a chocolate muffin that I bought yesterday for this very occasion, the work-on-the-website day. 

I also rearranged Rob's living room to have a desk so I could feel more productive..that was the first day when I got back. 

The desk makes me feel good, really, it does. 

Yesterday I gathered the big stack of business cards I was handed during the five days of the Folk conference and I wrote an email message to every single person. 

I included links to all of my music and to this website. 

So, this transition better work! 

Okay, what else? 

I'm thinking so much about Linda Ronstadt. 

I'm thinking so much about Aidan and how I can't replace him. 

And I'm thinking so much about how to capitalize on all the serendipity I've been experiencing. 

How do I make this all more wonderful than ever? 


I'll keep asking while I fix my website today and tomorrow. 


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