Sunday morning is always uplifting

Sunday morning always represents a new beginning for me.

Start fresh, new beginning.

What am I going to do now?

The past is gone, last week is gone.

I can move forward from here.

From this exact spot.

Being realistic is feeling your present moment.

What's the matter with your present situation?

If you're reading this you could definitely be doing worse.

You're alive, you have internet access, you have some free time to read, you have electricity, you have food enough to fuel your brain for reading, you have safety enough to be able to let your guard down and read.

You got a lot going for you.

Money can be a problem, health issues can be a bigger problem, relationship troubles can be a big problem.

You may have any or all of these looming.

But we can still glide through the calm open waters in our canoe with some burdens in our pack baskets.

I love the feeling of freedom above all else.

Freedom comes from a sense of easy movement.

Glide through the water swimming or paddling your canoe, or pedal the bicycle on a smooth flat trail around the lake on a cloudless still day.

Feel some freedom today.

Don't think you might go for the walk in the woods and then let the day get away from you.

Go out the door and walk boldly.

Your burdens can stay home alone for a little while.

I'm feeling relatively unburdened lately.

I'm able to move fairly freely.

Dread for the future of our America, dread for our planet, these things can weigh heavy too.

Shake it off because it does not help to get bogged down.

Joyful movement keeps you on the side of the solution, keeps your mind and heart generating positivity.

I'm going to bundle up a bit because it's a little cold out right now.

I'm going to take my bicycle out of the garage even though that's always a slight hassle.

I'm going to ride to the store, lock my bike, put on my mask, get me a Sunday New York Times.

I'm going to head to Lake Nokomis Coffeeshop where I can sit and read the paper with a coffee outside.

Then I'm going to complete the big loop around Lake Harriet.

My son dropped off a bundle of wood last night on our porch.

He and Rob have a bonfire planned here for this evening.

These kids of mine are always planning fun activities and I love it even though it turns this little house into Grand Central Station.

I had three shows planned for this week.

Last night was cancelled for weather, Wednesday has been rescheduled to next week, and this Saturday it turns out we're going to Rob's niece's wedding so I am rescheduling my show in the Burnsville neighborhood.

I was counting on the money from these three shows to set up my trip to NYC for October.

It'll all work out.

Remain calm, remain optimistic.

My supply is my faith.

My Supply is my Faith.

My Supply is My Faith.

Happy Sunday.


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