Sunday morning and the birds are singing

The birds are returning to this Mississippi River corridor in Minnesota.

The birds are a welcome distraction from the fear of disease all around me and in my own mind.

My mother is calling five times a day to check in on a variety of topics, all of which are sane, thank goodness and some are entertaining to her and to me.

She's only a half hour drive from here so I can go see her, but it's not recommended to visit with the elderly right now.

I spoke with my son Jordan three times yesterday..unusual for him...but he's in California still and navigating his departure there which I was going to be a part of with him.

My daughter Ava is calling a lot from Denver because she took my lead and got herself a rescue puppy that looks a lot like my new ace companion Tobi.

She calls to compare notes on paw size and eating habits and everything, lots of FaceTiming so I can see her dog and she can see mine.

The virus has not yet overrun our community, but the thought ans dread of it has overrun the stores to be sure.

All the obvious things are always out of stock now.

Of course, we don't know where it's headed at all....we know the Italy model, we know the China model, and we really aren't prepared, we probably can't fully prepare.

I'm hoping for a miracle of course, as are we all.

And we're taking the two kinds of precautions: limiting our social contact drastically, and taking extra care to boost our own strength as much as possible to ward off illness.

There are three of us in this house which makes it fun.

Rob's studio is so far continuing to function somewhat, and Nina continues to have some money making gigs happening.

My idea for myself is to put off whatever bills I can and try to continue to bring in money in new ways, short and long term.

I want to finish my screenplay.

I want to write my new album.

I want to do some videos for people who are prescribing to my Patreon page.

One idea I have for that is to make a daily video there, possibly in my car which then would give it continuity when I'm on the road.

It's a good concept I think.

Play guitar, give a small speech, whatever it takes, and have that only be on Patreon for patrons there.

I have one patron so far, the great Magic Marc Percansky, who is the patron saint of great music in Minneapolis and whom I'm honored to know, he pledged $5 per month.

If everyone who likes my music pledged $5 per month I would probably be okay.

I launched my Friday Creativity Worksheet idea as well, and that's a success.

I'll have a new one for us every Friday.

Part way through the week I'll post my own answers, maybe on Wednesdays.

It's a lot to think about and a lot to do.

I'm happy.

If I could just find a way to get rid of my old debt of $30,000 from the transition of going from doctor's wife to musical pauper I'd be fine.

It's those payments every month that make my existence financially challenging.

This month with reduced income I still have to come up with $600 in payments to my credit debt just to keep myself up to date so the debt doesn't increase.

I'm going to the bank tomorrow to meet with a banker.

Bankruptcy is still an option.

This confinement may be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Of course I keep hoping my career will take off and people will love me and want me to sing everywhere all the time.

This next album could still do this for me, I do not doubt.

I have  lot of belief and hope.

I do.

I really do.

Just write the songs Courtney.

All the rest will follow.

The new songs are the arrow home.

Happy Sunday.

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